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Pre-intermediate level


Abc Pre-intermediate SB

Main Aims

  • To understand the function of the words make and do

Subsidiary Aims

  • Using these words while speaking and discussing the questions in pair


Make vs Do game (3-5 minutes) • Introduce the target language Make vs Do. Showing examples of what nouns are used for these verbs

Students will paid up into teams and answer which noun matches which verb, makr or do. The game will show one noun at a time so it is an easy to lead-in the lesson

Pre-teach vocabulary (2-4 minutes) • Ss understand words that will appear later on in the reading and questions

T will present the words to the student on a slide separate from the SB. Student will be asked to guess the meaning and match the meaning to the definitions which I will write otu. A few words will contain more than one meaning and I will elicit to secondary meaning to the students.

Reading activity (8-10 minutes) • To understand the gist of the articles and personlize them by forming an opinion

Ss will read the article and answer the questions. Ss will then be sent to breakout rooms to discuss which comment they agree with the most and share with the class.

Speaking and discussion in pairs (8-10 minutes) • For Ss to produce their own opinions and share it with their groups

T will divide the Ss into groups, on group will do Your Country, the other group will do You. T will then ask Ss about their viewpoint on these questions. T will then have Ss change groups ask each other the their questions their group to the Ss opposite group.

Clarification of Make vs Do (3-5 minutes) • Students can understand when to generally use these words

I created a slide to give a brief explanation on what nouns generally require using the word make and which we use do. Here I will follow up with concept checking questions for each student to have better understanding.

Matching pictures to phrases (8-10 minutes) • Ss to understand the meaning of phrases bymatch the pictures corresponding to them

T will show the slide with pictures and will do the first 2 as examples. Ss will be sent to breakout rooms to do the activity as a group then check for the correct answers together.

Make or Do (8-10 minutes) • For students to pratice the correct usage of make or do by filling in the gap

Ss will work in groups and write make or do for each photo and phrase. Then check their answers. T will then concept check by having Ss answer the them but without the phrases.

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