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Teaching Practice 4b
Elementary level


In this lesson , students will read short texts about persons. they will practice asking and answering question . they also will talk about their partners using the text as model. this helps . they are going to use a picture to write questions about some peoples' activities e.g. Does he watch a lot of Tv? Does he read a lot of books.


Abc Read and answer the following questions
Abc Interview
Abc ask and answer

Main Aims

  • To ask and answer questions using does, do wh- questions ( simple past )

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and speaking


Warm up (4-10 minutes) • To review the previous lesson and prepare the students to the next lesson.

* Greet the students and write some information on the board. * Give the students a paragraph about Simons's house. The students read and answer the questions.e.g Does Simon live in a big? Does he have any pets? city Write the answers on the board and have the students check their answers

Controlled Practice (15-25 minutes) • To give the students opportunity practice ask and answer questions about short texts and about themselves

*write six questions on the board about two people Jo an Susie . Student A about Jo , student b about Susie . e.g What does she do ? Does she like rock music ? What food does she like * Students work in pairs to find the answer to the six questions. * Monitor the students and offer help. * Students change the answers and check with each other. * Students work in groups to choose a women for Kim's first date and why. * Work in pairs to ask bout a friend . Does he like music ? Does he read a lot of books?

Free Practice (7-10 minutes) • To give the students an opportunity practice asking and questions naturally

* Students work in pairs to make interviews withe their partners.

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