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TP3 Module 4: Hates and Likes - writing
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss practise writing about their likes and dislikes using the TL: really love, love, quite like, like, don't mind, hate, really hate. They will do some short reading to scan the TL and to check their writing. T will recycle He likes/She likes by having students to talk about other people in the group/whole class.


Abc HO 1: Running dictionary text
Abc HO 2: Running dictionary worksheets
Abc HO3: Writing worksheet

Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a short paragraph in the context of personal preferences.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a short statement about other people in the context of likes and dislikes


Lead In/ Warm up: Running dictation (15-17 minutes) • To recycle target language and prepare students for writing activity.

Running dictionary. Groups of three or four. T picks two confident students to be runners. Other students are writers. T demonstrates the rules. Groups are trying to complete the entire text faster than other group. When they finish, teacher gives them HO2 to check their writing. T asks them to higlight/ underline target language.

Controlled practice: Writing (13-15 minutes) • To have students write paragraphs about their personal preferences

Ss look at the text from the running dictation and write similar text about themselves. When they finish, just for fun they draw pictures of themselves. T takes their texts and gives them to other Ss. T asks them to be very quiet. No talking while reading. When they finish reading, T tells them to write the names of a S who they think may have written the text. They go around and look for the author of the text. When they find him or her, they ask them two questions, eg. Do you like writing letters?

Reading and speaking: Hot papers (11-13 minutes) • To have students read other Ss' work carefully and tell the class about their likes and hates.

T has them put two tables in the back together and puts all the writings on them forming a circle. Ss stand around. T plays music, they move. When the music stops they grab the closest text and tell the class one sentence about that person, e.g. She loves running. If they grab their own text they say, eg. I hate spiders. T writes big S on the whiteboard. As the game goes on, T takes away papers to make it more challenging. T asks them to compare. Is that the same or different to you?

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