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LP-8 Lesson Plan (Weather/ functional language-vocab-speaking)
Beginner level


In this lesson students will learn talking about the weather. This lesson starts with the vocabulary of the weather. Then brainstorming the ideas on what to do in good and bad weather. After that there will be a functional language practice. Finally this lesson will finish with matching words to make sentences about the weather.


Abc Match the words with the pictures
Abc Making suggetions
Abc functional language gap fill
Abc Match words to make sentences

Main Aims

  • Functional language in the context of the weather

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn and practice some vocabulary of the weather
  • To practice speaking about the weather in the context of what to do in certain weather


(1) Warmer/Lead-in (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

In this stage, I am going to show sts each picture of different weather, and elicit the word or the meaning from them, then I will stick it on the WB. and will say that we are going to talk about the weather today , and ask them about which weather they like.

(2) Pre-teach vocab (6-8 minutes) • To teach them vocabulary of the weather

1- Stick the words of the pictures on the right side of the WB. 2- Elicit the words and ask them to find out which word goes with which symbol. 3- Then I will give them a HO of new adjectives , and ask them in pairs, to match the adjectives with the symbol. (just 2 minutes). 4- Then I will check with them the answers, and stick as WC the words and symbols on the right side of the WB. (During this activity I am going to stick the adjectives and symbols on the WB). 5- Finally, i will check their answers by sticking the words and symbols. 6- Then match all symbols and words together.

(3) practice (Making suggestions) (5-7 minutes) • To brainstorm ideas of the functional language

1- chest the HO, and give it to them, a table contains two columns of Hot weather and Cold weather. 2- show them the example given, and put them in pairs. (2 minutes) 3- Check with them their suggestions, and discuss it with them.

(4) Functional Language practice (8-10 minutes) • To practice the functional language about the good or bad weather

1- Stick on the two sides of the WB picture of a good and bad weather, then practice the functional language, DRILL!! 2- Then make the class into two, Group A will ask, Group B will answer Good weather, then Bad weather. 3- Then switch roles, Group B will ask, Group A will answer, Good and Bad weather. 4- Then I will erase the action part of the sentence, e.g. Let's ________! and brainstorm 5- Then erase the action part for negative, e.g. Let's_________and _________. 6- Then erase some other parts of the sentence GRADUALLY, until all conversation is erased. 7- Then ask group A to ask, and Group B answer, and vice versa.

(5) controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide students with controlled practice of the functional language.

1- Give them the cards and ask them to arrange them to make sentences, without giving much detail about how to do it. 2- After they finished, ask groups to check other groups arranging, and read them. 3- Go around and make sure they have arranged the cards in a correct order.

(6) controlled practice-2 (4-6 minutes) • To practice the target language through showing each one a card, and eliciting the question and then answer.

1- I will show each one a card, i made, to make a question about it, and suggest an idea. 2- Then the class will be divided in two, i will show to group A a picture, they ask, Group B will answer. and vice versa. ...

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