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Lesson 6_Film & Television
Elementary A1 level


In this lesson, students will learn and apply common phrasal verbs in the context of Film & Television. They will apply vocabulary and practice speaking in role play scenarios.


Abc Role Play
Abc Worksheet

Main Aims

  • Teach phrasal verbs to students in the context of Film & Television.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking and applying phrasal verbs.


Discussion Starter (4-5 minutes) • To introduce phrasal verbs.

1. Open PowerPoint to slides focusing on visuals reflecting phrasal verbs (ex. turn off, sit down, stand up, etc). 2. Ask questions to students 'what do you think this means?', 'what do you think our focus is?' 3. Review meanings of visuals

Role Play_Controlled (14-17 minutes) • Students will learn to apply phrasal verbs by listening/reading/acting scenarios provided

1. Instruct students will be reading/listening to examples of phrasal verbs being applied 2. Provide handout to students and ask them to read and predict the appropriate phrasal verb to use in scenario. 3. Review with students 4. Play recordings for students to hear proper pronunciation 5. Have students practice/repeat 6. Put students in pairs and have them practice scenarios together 7. Have students come to the front of the class and role play scenarios. 8. Provide error correction if needed

Worksheet_Vocabulary 5A (5-7 minutes) • Practice applying phrasal verbs

1. Instruct students they will work in pairs and complete worksheet. 2. Answer 1 - 5 and discuss with partner 3. Review answers with students - (ask them to say the entire sentence as they respond with their answer).

Role Play_Fluency (15-16 minutes) • Students practice speaking phrasal verbs for fluency.

1. Instruct students they will create their own dialogue applying phrasal verbs. 2. Model the situation with a student. 3. Leave phrases on board. Explain students they cannot use the ones I have they have to create their own (apply five phrasal verbs). 4. Students work in pairs to create their own 5. Have students present their dialogue to the class (sample only - not all students).

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