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Shops / Shoppers (Vocab-Pronuncation)
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss are expected to learn how to use certain structures like 'a bottle of, a box of..etc' and how to pronounce the 'of'. Also, they will learn many new words about shopping.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Quantifiers in the context of Shopping (Vocab)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a 'of' in the context of Shopping lists


Warm-up / Vocab (5-10 minutes) • To teach new words

Ss are expected to talk on these questions; How often do you shopping? What do you always buy? Do you prefer going to a big supermarket or to your local market?. After the warm-up, new words will be shown but as nouns. (without 'a bottle of, a tin of...')

Guessing / Making wonder (5-10 minutes) • To make wonder about the new structures

New structures will be shown to students and they will think about them. Later, a piece of paper that explains these structures will be given to them. Then, this time they are expected to use these structures for the words that they have just learnt.

Phrases (4-5 minutes) • Using new words with new structures and creating new phrases

Ss will pick one word from the container box, one from the content box and they will create their own phrases.

Listening 1 and 2 (3-4 minutes) • Make them familiar with the pronunciation of the new structures and 'of'

Ss will listen and complete EX1 on page 86. They will check them with their partners and then teacher will show answers on the w/b. After that, teachers will start listening 2 and focus on 'of'. A diagram can be drawn on the w/b and ss will repeat.

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • To use new words and structures while speaking

There will be 3 or 4 groups in the classroom. Ss are expected to make sentences with IF IMAGINATION and the words on the w/b. Also, pronunciation of 'of' will be control by teacher.

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