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TP 6
Intermediate level


The subject of this lesson is 'Exaggeration' and 'Surprise' and the various ways show these in English language. The lesson will feature speaking with some functional language and listening to support this. The students will get the opportunity to speak the TL and L2 in pairs and the the whole group. There will be some exploration of intonation and how we exaggerate one word to change a sentence.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency in the context of surprise and exaggeration

Subsidiary Aims

  • Functional language and listening


Warm Up/Lead In (5-12 minutes) • To activate schemata / introduce exaggerate topic and meaning

T shows a photo of M on OHP and explains she is always exaggerating. She likes to exaggerate a lot and is always surprised, "i could eat a miilion ice creams" "i saw a bug as big as a house" T elicits exaggerate, imagination, surprise, wonder, expression. T then show image of Al Bundy looking 'speechless', on OHP. "What is this man's expression?" Ss say surprised/shocked. T says in English we have informal sentences for exaggerating. This one is "I'm speechless" or "I'm lost for words" T then gives a demo of the next activity. Ss have HO:01 with 11 exaggerating phrases on. Pictures b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l are stuck on the walls of the classroom. T gives them 5 mins to match the photos with each sentence. T then WCFB and get them to read out their answers. T then gives them an answer key - HO:02

Speaking 1 (5-10 minutes) • To introduce intonation and to look at form

T then instructs "Work i pairs, take turns to tell each other about your situations using these phrases in HO:02, for example" "I got stuck in traffic, it took me forever to get home" " Those students are so naughty, i'm going out of my mind" T gives them 5 mins and corrects errors/pulls out form T then asks them about interesting things other Ss have said. T writes on WB and drills two or three model sentences for practice intonation for exaggeration. T explains we can exaggerate with intonation. "That's a biiiiiiiiig house"

Speaking Prep (5-8 minutes) • to practice functional language surprised/not surprised

T give Ss HO:03 The Ss work in pairs and try to work out the gap fill T gives them 5 mins and monitors T then gets feedback from the class using nomination.

Speaking 2 (5-5 minutes) • To practice TL with controlled text for pronunciation and intonation

T then tells the Ss that they will repeat the sentences they have just formed in HO:03 T plays CD R4.6 T pauses each sentence and the Ss follow. T can give intonation examples T explains "You're joking/kidding" "You must be kidding" and explain that kidding is more informal "We often use \guess what\ for surprising news"

Practice 2 (5-10 minutes) • Speaking

T gives the ss HO:04 Then plays the track once R4.7 "Be aware of the stress on words" Ss then practice the conversation in pairs (could get a strong pair to demo the whole piece) One Ss is Ellen the other is Steve ( If time they swap ) T monitors and error corrects intonation and pronunciation

Post speaking (5-10 minutes) • Chance to personalise the TL for speaking

T asks the Ss to think of 3 good or bad things that have happened to them and using the TL/ they have 5 mins to write these down. Ss then in groups take it in turns to talk about there day using the language from HO:02 and HO:03 T monitors and corrects intonation and pronunciation

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