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Appearance and Personality - Grammar Present Simple
Pre- Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson the students will continue with context of the previous lesson in describing appearance and personality with focus switching to Grammar. Ss have covered tis grammar in previous lessons, but will need review and practice to help them with Form. There is also some practice of the vocabulary from the first stage. This will follow the stages for a guided discovery language lesson with some omission of the exposure stage covered in the previous reading lesson.


Abc English File Pre- Int SS Bk

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with clarification, review and practice of simple present in the context of describing a date, friend or family member.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss practice of adjectives to describe appearance and personality to give students practice in speaking for fluency


Stage 1 (lead in) • To Introduce Grammar - PRESENT SIMPLE

Review the reading exercise from the previous lesson by asking specific questions from the reading passage on page 6. Refer to handout - Who Knows you better- your mother or your best friend? How old is charlotte? Where does she live? Does she have a partner? Who is helping her with finding a date? How many dates will Charlotte go on? What kind of man does she prefer? Does she like men with beards?

Stage 2 (Highlighting) • To review and Practice Grammar - Present simple

To encourage Ss to notice the TL (Target Language) Grammar exercise 3a and find out what they already know.

Stage 3 (Clarification) • To focus on meaning, form and pronunciation

To help with understanding present simple i will use CCQs - Concept check questions to deal with this or possibly a time line. Will place students in pairs and get them to do activity 3B- will give feedback on white board after the task is completed (emphasise will be placed on correct ronunciation

Stage 4 (Controlled Practice) • To check students understanding of meaning and form

Will use Grammar exercise 3d 'Can you remember what kind of men Charlotte likes and doesn't like? to make a link to exercise 3e - Pairing activity on p100 & p106. Studnets will be given a few minutes to write out and answer question 3d. Ss will then be placed in pairs to do exercise 3e (p100 106 - to complete the tables on oliver and Alexander. Will drill a few them for feedback on the task once completed.

Stage 5 - (Semi - Controlled and Freer Practice) • To consolidate the Target language and use communicative activity productively

Use Communicative activity in Teachers book U1B P210- Ask me a question cut out sheet.

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