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Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson, Ss will practice the TL of modals of deduction through a range of speaking activities.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice discussions in the context of strange phenomena

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a discussion about strange phenomena through a listening activity
  • To provide fluency and accuracy with the use of modals of speculation in the past in the context of strange phenomena.


Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • To raise Ss interest in the topic of the lesson

-Ss are asked to look at the projected pics. -T tells Ss that smth. weird or strange has happened at these places. -Ss discuss in groups what they think happened at each place and report predictions to T. -T shows slides of what happened at each place.

Listening and speaking practice (10-13 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to practice fluency in a discussion about a movie segment and to set the topic for the next stage

-A movie poster is projected onto wb and Ss quickly brainstorm what the movie is about with a partner. -Ss report their ideas to T who notes ideas on the wb and then reveals the answer. -Ss are told they are going to watch a movie segment and then discuss what they watched in the context of the questions in HO1. -Ss are given the HO and Ss look at the questions. -Ss watch the segment and discuss the questions in groups. -Ss report ideas to T.

Semi-controlled Practice (10-12 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to practice modals of speculation in the past through a discussion about phenomena

-T writes 'outbreak, avian, flu, contaminated, hail storm, lightning and fireworks' on wb and asks Ss to discuss the meaning of these words in pairs. T helps with meaning where necessary. -Ss look at the explanations provided to the phenomena and in groups discuss which explanation they think is the most logical using past modals of speculation especially 'must have'. -Ss report ideas to T and T reveals what the actual reason was.

Free Practice (15-15 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to practice past modals of speculation in a free practice

-T sets the context of task by projecting a pic of John's desk and saying that he disappeared two weeks ago. -Ss will look at John's desk and in groups discuss what they think happened to John. -Ss are handed out HO2 which shows inflated pics of what was on his desk and discuss in groups. -T monitors noting good language use and any errors. -Ss report ideas to T -T writes any errors and wb and gets Ss to correct errors.

Filler (5-5 minutes) • To give Ss the opportunity to further practice modlas of deduction in the past through lateral thinking puzzles

-If time is left over, Ss will try to solve a lateral thinking puzzle by asking the T questions about a situation and coming to a conclusion in groups. -T says "Jack and Jill lie dead in the middle of the living room in a puddle of water" -Ss ask yes/no questions to get more info. Once eight questions have been asked, then Ss have to work out how they died.

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