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Hotel vocabulary, lesson 2
Pre-intermediate level


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with an introduction and understanding of vocabulary relating to the theme of 'staying in a hotel'.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss freer speaking practice to help their spoken fluency, with a focus on the theme of hotels.


Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • To introduce the theme of hotels and engage the students

T will show students a picture of a famous hotel in istanbul called 'Pera Palace Hotel' to elicit their knowledge of the hotel and introduce the theme of the lesson. T can prompt students with the following questions: 1. What is this a picture of? (A hotel) 2. What is this place called? (Pera Palace Hotel) 3. Where is this place located? (Jumeirah) 4. What kind of hotel is this? (Expensive?, cheap?) Students will give whole class feedback If Ss do not know the hotel, T will show them a second famous hotel in Turkey (Rixos Taksim Hotel)

Lead-in (continued) (5-6 minutes) • Elicit students knowledge about hotel vocabulary and get them to produce TL

T will show Ss a picture of another hotel called 'Rixos Taksim Hotel'. T will tell Ss that they want to stay at this hotel but they need some information about it. T will ask Ss what kind of information would be required. T will make the task clear by providing an example such as 'I would need to know where the hotel is located (answer: Taksim). Ss will think of some ideas on there own and then discuss their answers in pairs, (more examples would be the cost, is there a pool? is a double room available?). T will ask for whole class feedback and write any interesting answers on the WB.

Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To introduce, clarify and practice the pronounciation of the vocabulary

(Note: instructions FIRST, then task). T will arrange Ss into new pairs. T will show the Ss handout 1 (the internet booking form) and instruct them to fill in the blank gaps individually and then discuss answers with their partner. if further instruction is needed, T will complete an example with the whole class. T will give feedback as a whole class (corrections given if necessary). Ss will practice pronunciation through drilling exercises (get Ss to repeat the words as a WC 1-2 times, then in small groups 1-2 times and they ask some individuals). Don't write words on WB when drilling. If necessary show the stresses on the WB if needed.

Vocabulary practice and understanding (4-5 minutes) • To reinforce and check Ss understanding of the vocabulary

T will present Ss with a matching task using a powerpoint slide. Ss will complete the task as a WC. On the left there will be a list of lexis relating to staying in a hotel (e.g. twin room). On the right there will be the corresponding image/ definition/ anecdotes (e.g. a picture of two beds in one room). Ss will be selected to answer on the WB to gain feedback. This well help check Ss understanding of the meaning and concept of the words.

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • To get Ss to practice and reinforce the vocabulary

Ss will be put into pairs. T will show the scenarios on the WB (powerpoint) and explain task number 2. T will check Ss understanding of the task by using an ICQ. For example, for question one, T will ask Ss 'Do you think it is important for the hotel to have a over 18's nightclub nearby?" When Ss respond no, ask why to clarify. Ss will read the scenarios individually and then discuss with their partner. T will remind Ss that they can use handout 1 to help them and give them paper to start the task. Ss will give feedback as a WC through discussion. Note: Ss might not know what 'conference' means so provide them with the definition: a meeting between people, usually to discuss something important or to make a decision about something, e.g. a colleague attends a conference about his companies future business plan.

Fluency (10-12 minutes) • To allow students to practice freer speaking to help their speaking fluency

T will divide Ss into different pairs. T will show Ss an image of a 5 star hotel rating (luxury, amazing). T will ask Ss to remember a time that they stayed in a really good hotel. T will provide Ss with handout number 3. Ss will answer the questions in pairs (e.g. Where was the hotel? how long did you stay for? why did you choose the hotel? was there anything special about the hotel?). Ss will give FB to the WC by sharing their ideas with everyone. T will then put Ss in new pairs. T will then show Ss an image of a bad hotel star rating on the powerpoint, Ss will then repeat the same task but discuss their worst experience (e.g. what was really bad about the hotel? what didn't you like?) T will monitor the Ss discussion to get FB and will also ask Ss to give WC FB by sharing their experience with everyone.

If-time activity (2-3 minutes) • To practice speaking fluency and reinforce understanding

T will present Ss with pictures of hotel guests and ask Ss 'what kind of hotel do you think this person will stay at? why? what facilities will be important for them?' For example, the first picture will be of the famous singer Tarkan. Typical answers will be a luxurious hotel, private pool etc. T will also show a picture of themselves and family during the task to personalise the lesson and build rapport. Ss will share their ideas and answers with the WC to give FB.

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