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In this lesson, I will elicit vocabulary related to personal info with my Facebook-themed lead in and expose my students to the TL through a matching activity. Pronunciation will be drilled. Students will get to practice forming questions with the TL in a gap-fill, a WC activity, and a free-er practice.


Abc Ellie Green Printout
Abc Powerpoint
Abc Gap-fill HO
Abc Copy of cards from NHB page 140
Abc Personal info cut outs

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of personal information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and review of language used for forming wh- questions


Lead In (3-5 minutes) • Get learners thinking about the TL

Put the Facebook logo up on the board via PT. Ask students to offer information that would be put on a Facebook profile. Write responses, on board, connected to the logo.

Exposure (5-10 minutes) • Introduce Ss to TL

Put students into pairs (not those who usually sit next to one another) and put Ellie's FB profile up on the board via PP. Hand out white sheet which matches left hand column of Ellie's profile and green pieces of paper with the right hand column of her profile. Have students arrange. Whole class feedback (all at once) by having the students come up and put the answers on the board.

Clarify pronunciation (5-5 minutes) • Get each member of the class to pronounce TL correctly

With Ms. Green's FB profile still on the board, briefly detail the pronunciation (individually and chorally) of TL. Pay special attention to the 't' in 'first name.' Address' is new vocab and 'age' could be mispronounced. CCQ by individually asking a student to pronounce the TL.

Gap fill (5-10 minutes) • Check TL; practice forming questions

Collect the white page from (CCQ: what do I need? the white sheet.) Exposure and individually have student's fill in gap fill from NHB, page 19, exercise 2. Pair check and play CD track 2.5 to further check. Let students chorally and individually repeat questions and answers.

Drill questions (5-10 minutes) • Clarify questions

Write questions on board, highlighting 'Where is she from' and 'How old is she,' because these questions do not match up nicely with the 'country' and 'age.'

John Doe slide game (5-5 minutes) • Controlled practice

Put up slide of John Doe with 8 vocab words. Have each student ask one question while another students writes the answer on the board.

Mingle activity (5-10 minutes) • Practice forming questions

Hand out cards from NHB, page 140, and have students stand up and mingle. They should ask one another the 8 questions related to this activity. Keep modeled questions on the board, but erase midway through the exercise. Walk around and check. ICQ to check with questions like, 'Are you going to show your partner your card?'

Flex activity (5-10 minutes) • Practice TL one more time

Divide class into two groups and have each group line up facing the board. Put sample personal info on the board. Ask appropriate question and challenge students to group corresponding info. Have students ask the questions in the second round.

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