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Teaching Practice 2
Elementary level


The lesson starts by asking students to describe the pictures on the flashcard. The words/sentences that are produced by the students are written on the board. Students are asked for the opposite of the adjectives - example is given if necessary. If any missing vocabulary, give hints until all vocabulary is on the board. Teacher clarifies pronunciation and meaning. Exercise 1 is done followed by WC feedback. Sentences are drilled as proceeded. Students complete exercise 3 followed by WC feedback. Use of flashcards to explain grammar points. Class ends with a ontrolled practice.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce, clarify, and practice vocabulary for describing people's appearance

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking for fluency


Stage 1 (4-5 minutes) • Lead in

. T sticks all flashcards on the board . T divides class into two teams " You need to think of words that describe these people. To model, T points at one of the pictures and says a word that describes one feature on the picture. . T sets time limit of 2 min . T writes answers on board and the team with the most words win . T writes the title "Adjectives"

Stage 2 (3-5 minutes) • Teaching Target Vocabulary

. T elicits and writes down the missing adjectives on the board . T drills for pronunciation, and clarifies meaning . T erases all vocabulary except Target Language and emphasizes on their opposite

Stage 3 (5-8 minutes) • Completing sentences using the words from the box

. T gives instructions on exercise 1 " There is a box. In the box there are 11 words. There are also pictures under the box. Choose the correct words from the box and write it to complete the sentences." ICQ: "Do you match the words or write them?" . T distributes the HO and sets a time limit of 2 min. . Ss work individually and checks in pairs . WC feedback including drilling for pronunciation

Stage 4 (5-6 minutes) • Placing adjectives under the correct category

. T elicits the adjectives (middle-aged, medium height, average-looking, and pretty) for their meaning and drills for pronunciation . T writes down the three categories (look, age and height) on the board and asks Ss for examples of their own " You will put these adjectives under the correct category" . T gives Ss 1 min to discuss the answer in their groups ICQ: Do you discuss or write? . T asks each group for an answer and WC feedback Drill if any mispronunciations occur

Stage 5 (6-8 minutes) • Clarify grammar points

"I will give you a flashcard. You will write down sentences that describe his/her looks (hair)" Revise looks if necessary ICQ: " You will write only adjectives or full sentences?" . T splits the class into two groups and gives one group a flashcard of a young boy and the other a young girl . Time limit 1 min . T writes answers on the board and says "Can we also say ............................ (noun)?" Ss reply . " Can we say, ............. (noun) .......?" Ss reply T writes both sentences on the board and puts a tick next to the correct sentence and an X next to the wrong one. . T underlines parts of the sentences that are alike until she reaches the point in which the difference is and says " so if ... is an adjective, what is girl?" . T sets the rule " Adjectives come before the noun" .T asks Ss to describe their age and writes both sentences on the board. . T takes flashcards and sticks them on the board . T asks "so if he is a young child and she is a young child, we can say 'they are young children or they are youngs children" . T elicits the grammar rule about plural

Stage 6 (3-4 minutes) • Controlled Practice

. T writes down 3 sentences on the board for Ss to discuss in their groups if they are right or wrong. . Time limit is set to 2 min . Answers are compared/discussed with WC

Stage 7 (5-6 minutes) • Controlled Practice

. T gives divides Ss into 4 groups and hands them a paper with a couple of descritons - Ss are expected to draw a person within 2 minutes according to the descriptions given . Ss will then exhcange papers and try to write down a description of their own about the drawing . Answers will be discussed

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