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Simple Present
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will learn about simple present.The lesson will begin with pictures of clans in Pakistan. From there on a taped script will be given to the students to familiarize them with the meaning. Then they will be asked to do a gap-fill and matching for controlled practice. After this the students will listen to a recording and do an exercise to put words together to make a question. A second recording will then be played for pronunciation. Drilling exercise will be carried out. In the end for speaking students will walk around the class and do a "Find Someone Who" activity.


Abc Put the words in correct order
Abc Complete the sentences handout
Abc Yes/No questions
Abc Taped audio script

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of present simple tense.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice for pronunciation and speaking of the correct form of the tense


Lead-in (0-10 minutes) • Set the context for the grammar with a picture

1) Remind students of the listening they did in the previous lesson. 2) Show them the picture of the clan called Kalaash in the northern areas of Pakistan i.e. Hunza 3) Set the context by asking these questions: a) Do you know anyone who belongs to a clan? b) Do you belong to a clan? c) What do you think a clan is like? d) Does it look like a family? e) Do they wear special clothes? f) Do they look alike? g) Do they look kind of alike?

Taped script 1.62 (0-5 minutes) • Expose them to the TL

1) Remind them of the listen that just took place and how they were exposed to the TL 2 )Give them the taped scripts so that they get exposure to the TL and activate schemata because they were introduced to this right before my lesson.

Grammar ex 1 (0-5 minutes) • Practice the TL

Give the students ex 1 to do on their own and figure out the rules and the check answers in PW

Yes/No questions, EX 2 (0-5 minutes) • Match questions to answers for controlled practice

The students will match the questions to answers and can then check their work in pairs.

Grammar ex 2 (0-10 minutes) • The students practice TL and listening skills are also reinforced

1) The students will be given cut outs of sentences that they have to put in the correct order in groups. 2 )The audio 1.64 will be played so that the students can listen to it and put the sentences in correct order.

Pronunciation ex 1 and 2 (0-5 minutes) • To drill the pronunciation of the TL

1) The audio 1.65 will be played and students will listen to the intonation in the question from grammar ex 2: Do you have a big family? (Drill this) 2) They will listen to this again and repeat the questions in grammar exercise 2 as a drilling exercise of the whole class

Find Someone Who Activity (0-5 minutes) • To practice speaking of the TL

1) The students can walk around class and find someone who: a) has a big family b) has children c) lives with their parents d) has family in a different country e) has lunch with their family at the weekend f) works with someone in their family g) is a fashion designer h) studies in school/university They will ask the question in this form " Do you know someone who..." 2) Model this activity yourself first by walking around and asking the students the same questions yourself first

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