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Pre.Perf.Cont Grammar Plan
Intermediate level


In this session of the lesson, students will focus more on the grammatical structure of Present Perfect Continuous and some other structures. They are also supposed to complete exercises about ''since'' and ''for''.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Present Continuous Tense and Time Structures in the context of Life Changes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of Present Perfect Continuous Tense and Time Stuructures in the context of Student's Own Experiences


Reading Passage (1-2 minutes) • Focusing on the grammar in the text

Students are asked to find some certain structures from the reading in the previous session (Zoe has been working on the farm since October of last year). Some of them are written on the w/b.

Drawing (2-3 minutes) • To show the idea behind the grammar structure

The picture on teachers book p.83 is drawn on the w/b. Students are expected to guess the meaning of the grammar structures. These sentences are compared to the ones in the reading text. Students match them as their grammar is same.

Form of Present Perfect Continuous (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the present perfect continuous

As there are sentences on the w/b, teacher marks certain structures using different color, i.e. subject + have/has + been + verb-ing.

Practicing the present perfect tense through the pictures. (1-2 minutes) • To see the grammar rules in sentences.

Students are given HO 1 and asked to work on them with their partners. When they finish, they are asked to check their answers with the groups next to them. W/c answers. The pronunciation is also monitored. W/c FB is taken.

Mechanical Pre.Perf.Cont. (2-3 minutes) • To practice the grammar

Students are given HO 2 / A and they are given time. When they finish, w/c can answer but this time speaking is important.

Since and for (3-4 minutes) • To introduce since and for

Since and for introduced with examples on student's book p.67. Students are asked about the differences between them. The schema on teacher's book page 84 is drawn on the w/b. Then, students are given HO 3 and asked to work on them with their partners.

Stative Verbs (2-3 minutes) • To introduce stative verbs and their use in pre.perf.cont

Students open their pages 67 and asked to focus on the exercise. Teacher asks the reason for being wrong, elicits that ''understand, know and be'' are stative verbs and cannot be used in the continuous. Students are asked to focus on HO 2 B. They are asked to make example sentences with these words and monitored.

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