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Introducing yourself
Elementary, A2 level


In this lesson the students will learn to introduce themselves using some basic structures such as " Hi! My name is..., My surmane is..., and they will learn to spell their names and surnames.


Abc Pictures of some celebrities, Alphabet cards,Headway Elementary Student Book

Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency on spelling alphabet and names

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a track about spelling alphabet


STAGE 1 (5-7 minutes) • warming up

-Say your own name and point yourself. -Write your name on the board. -Model the spelling. - write the question" How do you spell your name?" -Play track 1.1 and get the students just listen.

STAGE 2 (5-8 minutes) • To practice alphabet

- Play the track again and invite the SS to continue. "A,B,C....." (WC) -Invite the SS to say their names and stand in alphabetical order. -Write the form " Hi! I'm...., Hello! I'm..., My name is...." -Model the forms. -Drilling. -model the form " Hi! I'm.... . It is T-u-b-a" -Nominate another S and invite the SS to continue the form. (PW) -Monitor.

STAGE 3 (5-8 minutes) • To practice alphabet using alphabet cards.

-Show the SS all the alphabet cards in mix order and model the spelling. -Encourage the SS to continue. (WC) - Choose some confused letters " c,s,j,g,h" and model the spelling. - invite the SS to spell it. (Drilling) - Nominate a student to come the board and give the cards to the S. -The chosen student shows cards in mix order and gets answers from the whole class. - Monitor the SS and give feedback.

STAGE 3 FEEDBACK (2 minutes) • To check the confused letters

- Give feedback to the SS: Some of the SS may confuse the letters, their classmates help them.

STAGE 4 (10 minutes) • To provide a controlled listening filling the dialogue given in the book.

- Alert the SS to catch the names in the dialogue and write them in their notebooks before starting to play the track. -Play the track 1.2 - Then elicit some answers. - Pass out the papers (page 6) - check their answers. -Nominate a student and model the dialogue. - Set the SS in pairs and act out the dialogue. -Read grammar spot to the SS. - Circle the conracted form of to be " am, is" - Invite some of the SS read the dialogue again using contractions. -Monitor them and give feedback.

STAGE 4 FEEDBACK (2-3 minutes) • To check the fluency

- monitor and give feedback: -T checks the pronunciation of the contracted form of to be "am, is"

STAGE 5 (10 minutes) • To practise name spelling using pictures- Game

- Split the SS into two groups.( Group A and B) - Call one of the SS from Group A and show a picture of a celebrity. - The SS spell the name of the celebrity quickly and the SS in Group B tries to write the name correctly. - Each correct spelling gets 1 point. - The group that writes more names correctly and get the highest point wins the game. -Give feedback.

STAGE 5 FEEDBACK (2 minutes) • To check the spelling of the names

Monitor and give feedback: -T and SS check the names and correct if there are any mistakes.

STAGE 6 (10 minutes) • To act out a dialogue

- Play track 1.3 and let the SS to fill the gaps. - Play the track again and let them check their answers. (PW) -Ask two SS to come in front of the class - Say them to pick up a piece of paper which the names of some cartoon characters written in. -Practice the dialogue using names they pick up and their copies. - Monitor the SS and give feedback.

STAGE 6 FEEDBACK (2 minutes) • To check the spelling

Monitor and give feedback: - T checks the spelling and takes notes if there are any mistakes and corrects them at the end of the dialogue.

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