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Lesson 4
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will focus have the opportunity to work on both receptive and productive skills. My main aim in this lesson is develop the reading receptive skill using a passage about autographs as the context. My sub is to introduce time adverbials. As a pre read for the lesson I will start by eliciting the term autograph, introducing the context of the lesson. I will show a picture of Ataturk's autograph, and ask them to tell me what they think about it. What the difference my signature on the board and Ataturk's autograph. Then I will ask the student's to write their own signature on a piece of paper, as ask them to share and ask questions with their peers. In the next stage of my lesson, I will have a skim reading for the gist exercise. Before the skim exercise, I will introduce the students to new vocabulary. For the reading for the gist exercise, I will ask them what the autograph man's job is. Then I will hand out the first activity, in which they will have to match the questions to the paragraphs. During the next stage, reading for details, I will ask the students to read the text again, individually, then fill in the gaps of the phrases for exercise 2. I will then take feedback from the class, asking them where and why they found the answers they chose.


Abc Ataturk Sig.
Abc Exercise 1 Skimming questions
Abc Exercise 2 Gap fill questions
Abc Vocabulary words and meanings

Main Aims

  • Develop the receptive skill, reading, while skimming for the gist and scanning for detail specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce time adverbials


Pre Reading (5-10 minutes) • To introduce the context of the lesson

During pre reading, I will write my signature on the board. Then I will compare it with a picture of Ataturk's autograph. I will ask them questions, like,"What is the difference between my signature and Ataturk's signature?" I will do this to gain the student's interest in the topic and the passage they will be reading. I will ask them if they think a person's signature says anything about themselves, as far as character. I feel that a nice discussion is a great way to introduce this topic.

Skim Reading Exercise (10-12 minutes) • For the student's to get the gist of the text.

Before the skim reading exercise, I will introduce the student's to new vocabulary. After the new vocabulary, I will hand student's the text and tell them they will have two minutes to answer the following. I will ask them what the autograph man's job is. Then I will hand out the exercise in which they will have to match the questions with the paragraphs. I will give the student's three minutes to complete the questions. Once we are finished we will have feedback, in which I ask why they picked that answer and where they found it as well. By completing this exercise, student's will have developed their receptive skills.

Scanning Exercise (7-10 minutes) • For the student's to be able to read and find specific information in a text

I will then give the student's another opportunity to read the text. This time I will give the student's five minutes to read the text. Then they will have to fill in the gaps of the phrases, in the next hand out I will give them before they begin reading. Once they have all finished the student's will be asked to peer check their answers. I want them to self correct before I tell them the correct answers. Then I will take whole class feedback. The student's will have to use their receptive skills, as well as a productive skill in order to locate and find the phrases in the gaps for the exercise.

Feedback (3-4 minutes) • To take feedback from the student's to see why and where they found there answers

I will at this point take whole class feedback to make sure everyone is on the right track and has the correct answers. I will also ask them why and how they wrote those answers down. This will be a great opportunity to correct any mistakes, as well as acknowledge their receptive skills.

Speaking Exercise (4-6 minutes) • For the student's to speak about the exercise and discuss what they read

I wil ask the student's on a piece of paper, to write their own signature. Then they will get up and show their peers, while asking why their signature is that way it is. Also seeing if their signature in any way reflects their personality. This speaking exercise will be a great opportunity to speak, while staying on track with the context.

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