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Intermediate,B1 level


In this lesson, students learn about the adjectives ending in ed and ing through guided discovery based on a short movie clip (as a lead in) about the movie which has been seen in cinema. The lesson commences with a handout and the four sentences which are pulled out from the movie clip. They will answer some questions (Meaning, Form) and the pronunciation will be covered. Finally some controlled practice through sentence reformulation and hopefully free practice via final speaking activity.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Adjectives ending in ed and ing in the context of Movie(short movie clip)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversation
  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversation in the context of Movies (using adjectives ending in ed and ing)


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To set the context

At the very beginning of the lesson, I will show a short movie clip (33 sec) via power point about a man and a woman who has seen a movie at the cinema and before that I will ask them 3 questions about the movie. They will watch once and afterwards discuss the questions and answers together (default the pair work). What are they talking about?How does the woman feel?What is the name of the movie that they saw?

Highlighting (1-3 minutes) • Highlighting the model sentences

I will ask them two questions about the short movie that I have displayed.(How did the man feel about the ending? What did the woman feel about the movie?) I will elicit the sentences and show them on OHP (power point). a) It was the most interesting play that I have ever seen. b) The rest of the audience seemed interested. c) I found the ending very depressing. d) One man was so depressed

Clarification(Form) (5-7 minutes) • Clarify the meaning through guided discovery

The pupils will be given the guided discovery handout (folded) and there are 4 sentences as well as 8 questions. They will be given adequate time in order to respond the question very carefully. They are going to write down short answer in order to see whether they understand or not. They will do it together and check with each other and the teacher. I will elicit and ask the students and I will show the answers on the board (power point). ICQs: How many questions are you going to answer?8. Are you going to write short answer or the long one?Short. Alone or together? Together.

Clarification(Form) (2-4 minutes) • clarify the form of adjectives ending in ed and ing

I am anticipating that the clarification will be too short. Again I will give them an other folded handout and ask them to answer very quickly. I will elicit to be sure that they understand the form clearly. verb+ing/ed

Clarification(Pronunciation) (2-4 minutes) • Clarify the pronunciation

The pronunciation is not that much tough. I will show the marker sentences briefly on the board and drill the words which are pronounced stronger in those sentences. The students will say and repeat. I will ask individually as well.

Controlled practice (18-20 minutes) • Check the meaning and form

I will ask the students to unfold their handouts and there will be 7 sentences and in each there are two adjectives and they are only going to circle the correct one. Afterwards they are going to check in pairs. Finally I will have the students randomly on the board to circle the correct answer. we will check and if everyone is agreed on it, we will move on to next phase. Another folded handout will be given to them and they are going to read a short conversation(A and B) and write down the correct form of adjectives in blanks. They will do it together and afterwards check together. Because it is a short conversation, I will ask only two students to play the role in front of the rest of them and while they are doing it, the correct responses will be revealed. Lat part of this stage is another exercise with 5 sentences and again the students are going to circle the correct answer. They will do it together and check together. I will have them to write the correct answers on the board. ICQs: How much time do you have? Are you doing alone or together? Together.

Productive skill(speaking) (5-7 minutes) • To use the adjectives correctly

I will divide the students into three groups and show them some pictures relevant to the topic (movie) and ask them to talk about the genres of movies. I will monitor without interrupting them and hopefully do the delayed error correction. How do you feel when you watch these kind of movies? Are they interesting or not? Why? When was the recent movie that they have seen? Hoe did they feel?

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