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performance art, reading
B2 level


In this lesson, students will read about Orlan, a performance artist and through detailed reading and scanning learn new vocabulary of performance art. The lesson starts with a brief discussion about beauty . This is followed by the reading text. Finally there is some controlled (gap-fill exercises) and freer practice


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about Orlan in the context of performance art

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of performance art and sergery vocabulary in the context of performance art


lead in • to provide awareness to the vocabulary of the text

-T shows some pictures. -asks students if they are beautiful. -asks SS to talk in pairs what beauty is. -asks some ICQs (do we talk about love? ) -individual answers are gotten from SS.

pre-reading • to provide awareness to the vocabulary of the text

-SS are given a HO of vocabulary -T asks SS to match the vocabulary with their meaning -tells them to do it alone -SS check the answers in pairs - T gives the answer key

while-reading • to provide awareness to the text using skimming

- T tells SS that they are going to read a text. - T tells students that the first sentences of the paragraphs are given jumbled and they will match them with the paragraphs. - T tells SS to do it individually

scanning • to provide scan-reading for specific info

- T gives the HO - After finishing SS check the answers in pairs. - Answer key is given - T gives a second HO in which SS will search for specific information. - SS answer the questions individually. - Then SS check their answers in pairs. - Answer key is given

Detailed reading • to provide detailed reading skills

- SS are given a T/F question HO - Individually they answer the questions - SS check their answers in pairs. - Each pair says one answer and T writes them on the board. - False ones are corrected by students.

post-reading • to provide free speaking

T says that he likes Salvador Dali T gives some information about Dali. -he is from Span -he is a surrealist artist. -maybe you know his melting clock. T asks students if they have a favourite artist. In pairs they talk about their favourite artist. some SS tell what they learnt about their friends favourite artists.

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