Sajedeh Farajzadeh Jalali, Past simple questions and negative
beginners , A1 level


In this lesson, students are going to learn about how to make correct questions ( WH and Y/N ) and negative statements in past simple through a reading text about holiday.


Abc a reading text
Abc reading questions
Abc lead-in questions
Abc gap-filling
Abc unscrambling the questions

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of past simple in the context of holiday

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about holiday in the context of different people on their last trip


lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to engage the students and set a context

- show them the topic + the questions - ask them and elicit - group them and instructions + ICQs - monitor - ask volunteers to answer the questions

stage 2 : reading for gist (4-6 minutes) • to read a text in past about different people and talk about it in their groups

- name the Ss as A,B,C + group them - give them each one separate text - ask them to read their text only ( A reads Heidi, B Reads Charlie, C reads John and Diane) - talk about their text in their groups - WC feedback

Stage 3: Grammar, Negative statements (5-7 minutes) • to clarify the concept of simple past negative sentences

- ask them to underline the negative sentences in the text - elicit some - write one or two on the board - clarify the form - drill the example in class and groups - hand out of gap filling is given - Instructions + ICQs - monitor - Feedback on the board

Stage 4: reading questions + detailed reading (4-6 minutes) • to expose the Ss with questions

- show them the handout + instruct them to answer the questions in groups + ICQs - monitor - volunteer Ss to answer the questions

Stage 5: Grammar of questions in simple past (8-10 minutes) • to clarify the concept of simple past questions in WH and Y/N forms and practice

- show them the examples on the board - highlight some words - elicit how to make correct questions - write the questions + highlight the format - drill - show them the handout and instruct them + ICQs - monitor - Feedback on board

Stage 6 : Production of TL (5-7 minutes) • to produce the TL

- give them blank cards - ask them to write one WH and one Y/N question in simple past - monitor and check their questions - ask them to stand up and mingle and ask their questions from others to get some answers - monitor - delayed error correction

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