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Happy Birthday - Reading & Speaking
Intermediate level


This lesson will consist of an open class discussion on a topic followed by a reading that students will answer questions. It will get the students to get a feel of gist reading then reading for specific information. Students will be divided into groups (Group A & Group B) to work out further questions that will be provided. The Ss will then get in pairs and test each other on their memory. This class will be focusing on receptive skills.


Main Aims

  • To give the Ss practice in reading for gist, & for specific information through the context of someone's 110th birthday.
  • To provide

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Introduce myself & Recall the Ss' names (1-1 minutes) • To build rapport

Write my name on the board so students can remember it. Try and recall some of the Ss' names by going around the room. Smile and be polite and say its nice to see you all again.

Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • Give Ss' a feel of what the topic will be about

-Ask Ss' how long the average person lives in Turkey -Ask if Ss' if they know the oldest anyone has lived - or is still living -Put the title of the reading on the WB "Maria prepares to celebrate her 110th birthday" -Tell Ss they are going to read about this person

Preparation to read (4-5 minutes) • Prediction - To create interest in the topic and prepare students for what the text will be about

-Ask the Ss how they think Maria will celebrate her birthday -Get a few ideas then put them into pairs & write the questions on WB in ex1 >In what way has the world changed since Maria was a young girl? >What do you think are the changes that have shocked her most? -Get Ss to discuss their ideas -Take some ideas on the WB but don't confirm/reject any ideas yet

Vocabulary Exercise (2-3 minutes) • To develop Ss skills to understand the text as they could get stuck with a few words

-Write few words from the text the Ss may struggle with (epidemic/confess/extraordinary/ditch) > see if anyone knows any of them -Give out HO for Ss to match word to meaning give them 2minutes

Reading for gist (10-10 minutes) • To develop Ss gist-reading skills

-T will give instructions to Ss': they will read to find out if their answers are correct -Tell them they should read quite quickly and they don't have to read every word (just for the answers to the questions) -Set a time limit (2mins) -Give out text & let Ss read individually to check the answer & see if their ideas were correct -Get Ss to check their answers in pairs -Take some WC FB >to answer the questions & say how close their predictions were

Reading for specific infortmation (5-6 minutes) • To test how much Ss can remember by gist-reading

-Get Ss to turn the text face down -Tell them I'm going to see how much they can remember -Get Ss in pairs to read the topics in ex3 (give HO to Ss) and tell them to put in order according to the text -Get the Ss to read the text again to see if their answers were correct > let them check with their partners -Take WC FB > & deal with any problems they had

Reading for specific infortmation (10-12 minutes) • To develop Ss skills of reading for specific information

-Divide the Ss into 4 groups > 2x Group A & 2x Group B (make sure Group A & Group B can't hear each other > have each group sit around table) -Get students to work together to answer the questions from the text -Group A will get questions from ex4, p128, & Group B ex4, p131 (give out HO prepared) -Monitor & help if needed -Give each group the answer keys after 15 minutes to check their answers for themselves

Semi-controlled speaking (5-5 minutes) • To develop Ss speaking and understanding eachother

-Tell Ss they have answered different questions and they're going to test each other on how much they remember about the reading -Tell Ss they CANNOT look at the reading text -Regroup the Ss into pairs (one from each group) > 1xA & 1xB -Ss ask their questions and answer each other's & see how much their partners remember (have them take notes of their answers) -Take WC FB and see if anyone got all their answers correct

Freer speaking (2-3 minutes) • Personalisation

-Get Ss to stay in their pairs and discuss the question in ex5 (Would you like to live to be 110 years old? Why or why not?) -Take some WC FB

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