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TP-3: Family Members
Beginner level


In this lesson, we are exploring and extending family vocabulary. Students will be guided through a family tree, learning the different names of family members. Students will then review numerals, focusing on the difference between those ending with -teen and -ty. Students will then practice listening to a conversation piece about family. Finally students should be able to write information about their own family members and formulate basic dialogue.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, students should be able to: -Describe family member relationships -Note ages of family members accurately

Subsidiary Aims

  • - To present family member vocabulary - To focus on describing ages accurately: exploring -teen and -ty - Enhancing listening & speaking skills


Setting Context - The family tree (15-20 minutes) • Introducing family members and relationships

T-centered introduction, with a lot of gestures to elicit from students the missing words. T hangs up words on the board, creating a family tree: - Hello everybody. This is (ME). - This is my (FAMILY). - I have one (BROTHER) and one (SISTER). * teacher elicits the family member "brother" from students, repeats it aloud with emphasis on the stressed syllable, and asks class to repeat once or more if needed. - I have a (MOTHER). She is my (Mom). - and a (FATHER). He is my (Dad) *ask CCQ here to elicit meaning: 1) Can I have two mothers? 2) Can I have five fathers? 3) Are my mother and father (MARRIED) - signal ring finger- ? 4) What are they called? (HUSBAND and WIFE) 5) My father and mother are my (PARENTS) 6) My brother, my sister, and I are their (CHILDREN) 7) I am their (DAUGHTER). My sister is also their (DAUGHTER) and my brother is their (SON). -The mother of my mother is my (GRANDMOTHER-GRANDMA) - The father of my mother is my (GRANDFATHER-GRANDPA) -The mother of my father is also my (GRANDMOTHER-GRANDMA) - The father of my father is also my (GRANDFATHER-GRANDPA) * Are my Grandma and Grandpa (MARRIED?) - The sister of my mother is my (AUNT). - The brother of my mother is my (UNCLE). - The sister of my father is my (AUNT). - The brother of my father is my (UNCLE). - My uncle is (MARRIED) to a (WOMAN). They have children. Their (SON) - boy- is my (NEPHEW) and their (DAUGHTER) - girl- is my (NIECE). (CAREFUL HERE ABOUT THE ALIGNMENT OF THE GENERATIONS- SHOULD BE ONLY FOUR IN TOTAL) - My sister is (MARRIED) to a (MAN). She has children. They are my (COUSINS). Their (SON) is my (COUSIN) and their (DAUGHTER) is also my (COUSIN). - End: This is my family.

Numbers and Age (5-8 minutes) • Using numbers to describe age, focusing on the difference between -teen and -ty

T says: - Okay everybody, can we count the numbers altogether? 1-12 - Okay everybody, listen: 13, 30 15, 50 19, 90 - visually demonstrates the difference between -teen and -ty by means of stretching a band between two people (-teen) and letting it drop (-ty). T drills. - spells them on the board and drills 13 to 19, and 10, 20, 30....90. - T gives handout with written numerals and their corresponding spellings. T says: - My grandmother is 70 years old. - My brother is 17 years old. and similar examples. - Zeyneb, my mother's name is Nada. She is 52 years old. What is your mother's name? How old is she?

Listening practice (7-10 minutes) • To listen to a piece about family members and ages

T: - plays the piece once - asks students, "how old is Erica's grandmother?" and "how old is Erica's grandfather?" - plays the piece a second time. - now writes questions on board. Elicits answer. - gives handout. - plays the piece a third time. - do ex. B in pairs (writing and speaking). - Correction to be done on board.

Students' family members (5-7 minutes) • To incorporate family members and their ages into dialogue

T: -asks students to prepare their family photos - rearranges class In groups of 3 (kofte, baklava, pekmez) - models exercise "Zeyneb, do you have a brother? What is his name? How old is he? Can you show me his picture? Oh, he is very handsome!" - instructs students to work in pairs to ask each other questions and obtain information each other, writing it down in the table . - feedback in the form of questions. "Zeyneb, does Asuman have a brother? What is his name? How old is he?What is he like?" - It time: make a family tree with a student on the WB, using the same cards

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