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Projects - Ad IQ - Viral Videos.
B2 level


Students improve speaking and listening skills through learning some advertising tips.


Abc SpeakOut Upper-Intermediate (The Students' Book)

Main Aims

  • To improve students' language fluency and listening comprehension skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve speaking fluency and accuracy.
  • To improve listening comprehension through comparing one's own ideas with the recording.
  • To build on presentation skills (group projects)


Presentation of Projects (20-30 minutes) • To build on presentation skills through presenting group projects prepared at home.

- Students present four group projects on Ukrainian fast-food restaurants. - After each presentation - short feedback of teachers on students' performance, particularly on language accuracy. - Discussion: Which restaurant would be the most attractive for you and why?

Pair work - What's your advertising IQ? (10-15 minutes) • To improve language fluency and reading comprehension.

Students discuss the quiz questions (p.59) and take notes on agreed answers. Teachers join some discussions to make the process more effective.

Listening (20-25 minutes) • To boost listening comprehension skills, practice speaking.

- Students listen to the recording and take notes on the answers to the quiz questions. Some of the students would better use tapescripts (if they wish). - In groups of 3-4, the students discuss answers to the questions in comparison to their own answer, as well as choose alternatives in statements from the exercise 2A. - Teachers join discussions to make the process more effective. - Short whole-class feedback on results of the discussion.

Viral advertising - Intro (20-25 minutes) • To improve language fluency through discussing the phenomenon of a viral video.

- Questions: What is a viral video? What are some of your favourite viral videos or advertisements? What about them did you like? What emotions do you think make for the most successful viral videos or adverts? - Show “Evan” viral video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8syQeFtBKc&list=PLhcolLCrVSabNw34T_lz2I0DaRT2kkbsn&index=2 Show students the video, pausing if they need time to read the English. -Discuss: 8 million views. What did you first suspect the video was about? Was it effective in drawing you in and then making you think? How? The video is obviously about guns and is directed toward an American audience. However, is there a larger message that could apply to Ukrainians and, indeed, all young people?

Creating viral ads (10 minutes) • To give a home task to boost students' creativity.

- To create adverts either of one of the depicted products or of any other thing, taking into account pieces of advice from the exercise - Ex. 6, p. 60. Optional: - To find a viral commercial which seems the best for you and send it to Edmodo. Students are encouraged to watch all videos and discuss them in comments. Edmodo - https://www.edmodo.com/ It's an on-line platform for teachers and students to communicate effectively. In order to join the group of our class (called Smarties, by the way:-), please, follow the link https://edmo.do/j/er9vsc.

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