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Asking for permission and listening
elemantery level


in this lesson we will listen to a conversation which takes place in the hotel and latter we will do the functional language for taking premission


Abc Straightforward Elementary picture and material

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for Asking for permission in a hotel context

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide deduction listening practice using a text about getting permission to do different actions in the context of conversation which happens in a hotel


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will remind them of last days reading activity( I will give them the pictures ) brainstorm: -What was the readings about? hotels adds -Can you say the hotels' names? Shakespeare inn -Which one did you like? S or CSC I ask them to listen and check which hotel they are in (Shakespeare inn or Chicago Sky Central Hotel) In case they had problem to figure it out I will give them the transcript and and ask them again answer

Exposure and Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

1-I will give them hand-outs about listening and ask them which one is 1-2-3-4 ?get feed back chorally 2-I will hang 4 posters on 4 parts of the of the class and ask them to have look at them give each group script cards and ask them to attach each under the number in group. 3-I ask them to fill in the blanks in the part 2 in pair ask them about answers if the have problem I will provide them with complete script( with underlined sentences related to the target language and asking for permission= to connect this activity to next stage I will )

Highlighting (2-4 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the target language

I get their attention to the underlined sentences in the transcript I ask a question to make them focus and think: Why we are using this? I give them answer choices options? ability ( I clarify the meaning by using body language) or permission(I will raise my hand to clarify the meaning of permission)

Clarification (10-15 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

Meaning : Instruction: I say I ask you questions answer me and then you ask me the questions I will answer . I fix the card with pictures of a mobile phone - a pen -a credit card and ask on student : -Can I use your mobile,please ? Yes me: show by body language I am using it No -disappointed face expression -Can I barrow you pen,please? yes -No -disappointed face expression now I ask them work in pairs to make the same questions about pictures on the board from me I answer them with -Yes ,Of course. -Yes ,Go ahead. -Yes sure. -No,I'm afraid not -No,I'm sorry but....I can give you cash could does not refer to the past in this situation Form: using big cards written the form examples on them and was fixed on the board by substitution drills on the board help them get the the form . dividing them to two groups and calling them group A( or any beautiful name ) and group B (any different beautiful name from previous one).Ask them to take turn and ask and answer the questions in groups and vice versa . Pronunciation: Intonation awareness: Show the intonation on the board.starting high in intonation and it rises at the end. 'Can I use you phone,'please? the can pair work on asking and answering Fluency builder : Doing the same exercises on the board but orally as substitution drills. Appropriacy : give them example and explain them the politeness of questions with Could and may . when you ask your friends : Can I ask you question? when you talk to your teacher or mother or father Could I ask you a question,please? polite get feed back: when you talk to your president or older people May I ask you a question, please ?more( very ) polite then ask them for close friends which one do we use ?can or could or may? for (not close people or friends ) teacher and others which one do we use ?can or could or may? for president and very respectable person which one do we use ?can or could or may?

Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

doing part 1 question rearrangement give them hand-outs and give instruction and monitor-get feedback ( give HO-INST-MON-FB)

Flexi-stage for controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • If time do Give them more chance to use some fixed structure

Use Work Book exercise page 27 part 3 HO-I-M-F/B

Semi-Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • To concept check further and prepare students for free practice

give HO-instruct-Monitor-get F/B about activity 2 of functional language pair work using information presented on the board

Free Practice (5-8 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

give HO-instruct-monitor-get f/b of part 3 and 4

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