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TP1 Jobs Vocabulary, speaking
Beginner level


Learning job vocabulary and asking and answering questions related to jobs using the present tense of "to be"


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in the functional language of asking and answering about jobs, and to focus on forms/use of the verb "to be" in present tense.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking/Practice jobs vocabulary


Warmer (6-8 minutes) • To introduce myself, help students to learn each others names and relax.

Give instructions to find someone that they don't know and shake their hand. Get attention. Now ask this person, What's your name?. Find a new partner and give them a high five. Now ask this person "What's your job?" Find a third partner and give them a fist bump. Now ask 'How old are you?' One more, find a new partner and stand shoulder to shoulder. Get attention and sit down. Have students write name on paper and hang off desk.

Exposure 1 (15-20 minutes) • To review and introduce job-related words.

Put your pens down. ICQ: Do you need your pens? Use flashcards asking: Who is this? "What's his/her job?" Or "What does he/she do?" Instructions: You will each receive one of these jobs. Demo: Choose a student (give them a card). Ask me, what's your job? Look at paper. I'm a ....(several times with individual students). Pass them out. Ss demo dialogue to whole class. Now you will walk around and ask as many people as you can. ICQ: Are you walking around? Are you speaking? Stand up! Begin. Noise Maker-Please sit down. Demo: Ask me what's his/her job? She's/he's a/an ....(several students). Have ss demo with each other Now you are going to walk around the room and ask as many students as you can. ICQ: Are you walking around? Are you speaking? Stand up! Begin. Noise Maker. Have ss sit down. Collect pictures/ask to put down. Optional (if time): Show students a card with a picture I've drawn to describe my job. Ask students to draw a picture/symbol to describe their job. Mingle activity as before. Demo: Ask student What's your job? with several students. Create partners. Partners ask each other 'what's your job?' Demo on hand, What's your partner's job? job, partner's job, your partner's job, What's your partner's job? Teacher asks partner A to tell class what partner B does (vice versa). Ss ask each other what their partner does.

Exposure 2 (8-10 minutes) • To make sentences with contractions using the affirmative of "to be" in the present tense

Write sentences on the board. Ask how do I make this shorter? I am. Do this for each person. Demo task. Ask students to rewrite/complete each sentence. Pair students up. You have 5 minutes. ICQ: Are you going to write? Do you need a pen? Do you have a time limit? Begin Call on pairs to give their answers. Option: do exercise orally to save time.

Semi-controlled Practice (6-8 minutes) • To practice and review jobs vocabulary

Tell ss I need a question for job. Ask for other options (His/her/your) write on WB. How else can we ask this question using "do"? (he/she/you) Hand gesture. Repeat: do, you do, do you do, What do you do? Demo using what do you do? Ask me, 'What do you do?" Do this with several students. Tell students they will be walking around and asking each other to use this new form. Include trainees. ICQ: Are you walking around? Are you talking? Stand up. Go! Noise maker. Sit down. Thank you! You all did very well today.

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