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Job Vocabulary
Beginner Level level


In this lesson, the students will be learning job vocabulary. The sts will practice questions and answers using the verb "to be" in the present simple form. The lesson also strengthens the sts understanding of contractions using this tense (I +am = I'm, He+is = He's, She+is =she's, You+are=you're...)


Abc Where's He/She From?

Main Aims

  • Introduce job related vocabulary and use in a practical way.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Emphasize pronunciation and proper grammar.
  • Elevate speaking and listening skills


Warm-up (3-5 minutes) • Help the students to relax

Have the sts stand up and tell me a llittle blurb about themselves (ie: jobs, school, hobbies, etc.)

Introduction/ Lead-In (7-10 minutes) • Have the sts associate vocabulary with imagery

Hang the images and labels on the WB. Begin by telling the sts what each image represents and how to properly pronunciate the words. Have the students practice out-loud and repeat after the T.

"Guess my job" (12-17 minutes) • Encourage the sts to use proper English to ask questions

Break the sts into groups of 3. Give them the "List of jobs" HO. Explain that they are to take turns "acting out" various jobs. The other sts are to guess which job the actor is trying to portray by using phrases such as " Are you a doctor?" The actor will then answer either "Yes I am" or "No I'm not".

"Match the job with the pictures" handout (10-12 minutes) • Practice what we've learned

Pass the HO to the sts. Tell them to individually complete the worksheet, then compare with the neighbors (break into pairs)

Where's She/He From? (10-12 minutes) • Promote speaking skills

Divide the sts into pairs. Pass the HO and explain the directions. Have them try to complete the worksheet asking questions such as " What's his job?"

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