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Lexis Shopping habits and addiction
intermediate B1 level


The ability to use shopping vocabulary accurately and effectively that can go a long way toward increasing the confidence of students. As well as, knowing the terms common in a shopping environment is often essential in your day to day life. One great way to teach students shopping vocabulary is through the use of fun and engaging classroom activities.


Abc shopping @1
Abc shopping @2

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, practice and review of types of shopping, type of shoppers, and places to go shopping in the context of shopping habits and addictions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a what kind of shopper are you? in the context of shopping habits and addictions


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I find it a good start to welcome the students and dive in by asking some questions about the context of this TP. - What do you usually do at your free time? - Do you like to go shopping? -Are you a shopping person?

Test #1 (5-10 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

in this stage i will start with a game to introduce the new vocabulary as well as testing the students knowledge about these specific vocabulary. match the photos with the right words:

Teach (5-10 minutes) • To clarify areas of the target language where students had difficulty in the first test stage

at this stage, i will be engaging the students as well as explaining any vocabulary they might founded to be heard to understand. i will be rechecking on them using CCQs at the end i will give the students another matching game before i start with the 2nd test. and it is to match the words with the categories To provide a simple task to insure they have understood how to utilise the words in the right way. They would be asked to match the vocabulary with the right categories. shopping assistant, shopping center / Mall, window shopping, shoplifter, Corner Shop, discount shop, online shopping, High Street shopping and Shopaholic Categories: People Types of shopping Places to go shopping

Test #2 (5-10 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language again and compare with the first test

After test 1 and the teaching session, i will provide the students with another test that will help them practice what they learned in an accurate manners. with that i would be monitoring as well as feedback with some error correction.

Free practice (13-15 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

In groups they will be working in their writing fluency skills. They would ask their group members simple questions about shopping, and they will write down their answers.

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