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Where's My Black Bag - Vocabulary
Beginner/False Beginner level


Teach vocabulary used visuals and indefinite articles Include 2 listening exercises Include a pair's grouping to find items in each other's bags


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Abc Black Bag
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Abc Laptop and Projector
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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary and personal possessions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information


Lead In - Introductions and Elicit Vocabulary and check comprehens─▒on (8-10 minutes) • Have the students see the object and tell me the words

Pre Prep Make sure laptop is up and powered on CD in player and tested Overhead on and tested Vocabulary cards made Room in a U shape with desks I bring my black purse with me I have the pictures in the purse -full size of objects I have Powerpoint slide 1 up with What's this? Demonstrate - pull an item picture out, show to class and say what is it? wait for answer. Complete all pictures Have students in pairs ask each other what's in their bags

Listening 1- Vocabulary Drill (12-15 minutes) • To have the students practice saying the item names

Put purse away. Go to slide 2 on PowerPoint Tell students to listen and repeat words, no writing. Ask students are we going to listen? Are we going to write? Are we going to speak? Play audio first time Ask students to listen again and repeat the words Ask individual students to stick the word to the picture on the white board Repeat the words as a class

Listening 2 - Listen for Specific Information and Write Words (12-15 minutes) • Recognize specific information

Go to Powerpoint slide 3 Assign pairs by having the students move 1 seat to the right Ask class to listen pass out first handout Instruct class to listen again and work as a pair to fill in the blanks, Allow 2 minutes Ask class the answers and move paper slips to sections Go to next slide pass out second handout Ask class to listen again and work in pairs to complete the handout - give 2 minutes - walk around room as class for the answers and put word slips in appropriate areas

Word List Pronunciation - Word Stress (6-8 minutes) • To practice saying vocabulary words correctly using word stress

1. Go to slide 5 2. Have the student watch as I draw a circle to indicate stress 3. Have them watch me as I instruct a student to do the same 4. Have the students work in pairs to practice saying the words 5. Come back to check answers 6. Have students take words home

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