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Possessive adjectives
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will learn about possessive adjectives by rewriting sentences and reading a dialogue. They will also be given a chance to have a go at controlled speaking by talking to their class fellows. The lesson will start with a quick reminder of what they listened to in the last lesson and then possessive adjectives will be explained and rules elicited for them.They will do four exercises on possessive adjectives. At the end they will practice controlled speaking.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice possessive adjectives

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled speaking


Possesive adjectives • Clarification and Practice of possessive adjectives

Grammar will be contextualized and introduced using a reading and listening text. Target language will be highlighted and clarified (checking meaning, form and pronunciation) and then language practice will be given.

Lead-in • Introduce myself

Remind them of the context of the listening they did in the last lesson by sticking the pictures on the board and playing the audio clips 1.17 and 1.18 and providing them with audio transcripts too.

Grammar • Highlight rules of possessive adjectives

Write the sentences from the Grammar box (p. 13) on the board. Highlight the possessive adjectives and elicit the rules for them.

Grammar ex 1 • Practice possessive adjectives

Let them check in pairs before eliciting/giving the answers in whole class feedback

Attention to pic 3 • Connect between the picture and the exercise they are about to do next

Ask them who they might talk to on their first day there (elicit receptionist, if necessary)

Grammar ex 2 • Further practice of possessive adjectives (reinforcement)

Let them check in pairs before eliciting/giving the answers in whole class feedback

Ex 7 and then ex 6 p 137 • Using and identifying correct form of possessive adjectives

First they will do ex 7 because it is easier, individually. Then they will do exercise 6 in pairs and then change partners to find out about as many classmates as they can.

Speaking • Provide controlled speaking

Adapt the speaking exercise as a whole-class mingle. You can create a handout with each category in a table, and have them circulate and collect this information from as many students as possible. You can collect some errors with possessive adjectives and do delayed error collection on the board after the task.

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