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Elementary level


In this lesson,students learn new vocabulary in the context of Homes and Shops.In the first part of the lesson,as lead-in ,the students look at the words, then they do an exercise on the new vocabulary.In the second part of the lesson,the students listen to notice the stressed words.The second listening( R5.2) is the main part of the lesson where the students listen to three conversations to match them to the photos.In the last stage,the students do a speaking activity about their favourite places to visit on holiday.


Main Aims

  • To develop listening for detailed information in the context of places in a town /the country.By the way the students will be familiar with the sentence stress patterns at the end.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide new vocabulary based on the context of Places in a town/the country.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To activate ss schemata and raise interes in the topic.

-Start your lesson by showing a picture to the students and ask them what do they see. *What do you see in the picture? -the sea,forest,homes,ships,maybe hotels ets. *Do you like the picture? *Do you like sea and swimming? *What is your favourite holiday place ? -Marmaris,Antalya etc.

Vocab pre-teach (8-10 minutes) • To clarify key vocab before the listening to provide a context to lead to the listening.

-T asks to sts work in groups of 3. -T chests the words and asks the students to tick the words they know. -T hands out the words to each group. -T asks ICQs- -are we working as groups? -are we ticking the words we know ? -After,T makes sure that the sts check the meanings of the words or peer-check ,she hands out the pictures. -T gives the students 3 minutes and sts match the pictures with the words again T asks ICQ.-are we matching? -T mixes the groups and they peer-check. -T monitors around the classroom and elicits the answers.

Focusing on the photos to provide a context before listening.. (5-7 minutes) • To teach the vocabulary to lead to the listening.

-T sticks the 3 photos on WB.( Istanbul,Assos,Erzincan Kemaliye Village). -T ask sts which one is a big city ,a small town,a village. Elicit: a big city(İstanbul).a small town(Assos),and a village(Erzincan,Kemaliye Kozlupınar Köyü). -T elicit these words and write them under each picture. To make sure T pre-teaches vocab.A big city,A small town,and a village. -Elicit the things from photos. (Istanbul:the sea,flats,a bridge) (Kemaliye:small houses ,mountains) (Assos:,houses,a cafe,roads) After learning what is a big city,a small town and a village. -T checks the pronounciation of Auckland,Keswick,Eyeries)

To teach sentence stress to help with listening. (8-10 minutes) • To focus on the stress on words

-T reminds the sts what sentence stress is by writing one sentence to the WB(There is a beautiful lake near the town). -T asks them to tell you which words are stressed.(beautiful,lake,town) .-T answers as 'because they're the important words that carry meaning'. -Ask sts to give you 3 examples from nouns ,verbs and adjectives to check they remember these terms and T elicit and write answers under three columns on WB.(Nouns:lake,hotel,beach) (Adj:beautiful,nice,cheap) (Verbs:am,is,are) -Tsays,We will listen a record from 3 conversation about the places in the photos. -T has the students notice the stressed words. -T plays the recording 5.1.Sts listen and read ,noticing the stressed words. -T tells ,the'verb be' doesn't have stress but nouns,adjectives and negatives all carry important info.and are usually stressed. -T makes sure about the sts understanding.

Listening for specific information. (9-10 minutes) • To check students understand the three conversations A-C.

-T puts the sts in pairs and says that they will listen three conversations. -T shows 3 photos and have the sts match them with the sentences in ex.4 to understand which person talks. T ask ICQs and CCQs -Are we listening 3 conversation from A-C? .Are we matching pictures with conversations? -How many conversations are there? 3 -T asks sts work in pairs and look at the sentences 1-9 again and Are they about Auckland,Keswick or Eyeries? -Sts listen again and match every three sentences with each one of the three pictures. -T elicits the answers and give fb if necessary.

Controlled-speaking exercise. (5-7 minutes) • To encourage sts to produce something by giving reasons.

-Students work in groups and discuss which place(Auckland,Keswick,Eyeries)the would like to visit. -T asks ICQs; Are you working as a group? Are you choosing a place ? -T encourages sts to give reasons why they chose that place by using vocabulary from 1a or their own ideas. -T monitors the groups and correct them if necessary. -T ask students to share answers w/ the class,again giving reasons for their choices.(they may note their ideas before speaking). -As group,find out which place is more popular -Elicit the ideas.

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