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Tp-4 Grammar
Intermediate level


This lesson is structured on a 'test-teach-test' approach. In this lesson students will be learning articles and determiners. They will first be tested to gauge their general knowledge on the subject then CCQ's will be done to go over the subject. After that they will retest their knowledge and go into a practice session.


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Main Aims

  • To (Test Teach Test) the topic of articles and determines in the context of grocery shopping.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about grocery shopping


Warm Up (Lead In) (3-5 minutes) • Getting students interested in the topic and slowly starting off.

After the reading lesson, ask the following questions from the text: List one item that was in THE shopping cart. Elicit a answer that starts with (There was A_______) List one item that is no longer in THE shopping car (Elicit an Answer that starts with A or Some) Ask them what they bought this week in terms of groceries. Ask them what are countable and uncountable nouns are.

Stage 1 (TEST) (8-10 minutes) • Gauging SS knowledge on the subject.

In this stage they will do exercise 1, Show them the exercise in one hand give them the directions what to do, Specifically state that they will do this individually. ICQ:Will you do the task alone? (Yes, Individually). Monitoring will be going on while they do the task, Try to see which ones they have the most difficulty with. Once they are done give them an answer key. Make a list of the ones they got wrong and begin the CCQ stage while transitioning to stage 2.

Stage 2 (Teach) (5-10 minutes) • Teaching Articles and Determiners

After you get the list of which ones they have gotten wrong start CCQ'ing the group with questions on the sentences they got wrong. After the CCQ session hand out the stage two reference sheet that has the list of basic rules for Articles and Determiners. Get them in a group or pair them up, Have them read the rules to each other. Check to make sure they grasp the basic Idea of how articles and determiners work.

Stage 3 (Test) (4-6 minutes) • Use what you learn.

SS will do Exercise 2 alone then they will peer check once they are done. They will need to remove something for the questions to correct the error. ICQ directions before they start. Have them listen to the answers via a recording to check.

Stage 2 (Teach) (5-10 minutes) • Match the rules with the correct Sentence.

Get the SS in groups. State that they will match the sentence with the rules on the handout. Once they are done, Have them peer check. give them a handout of the rules.

Stage 5 (Practice) (5-10 minutes) • Practicing what they learned.

Page 156 Questions 1 and 2 Allow them to complete the sentences in pairs. Answer key will be passed out and WC FB on which ones they had a problem with will be gone over.

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