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Personality Adjectives
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will listen to a few samples of people talking about their families and their own personalities. Students will be encouraged to listen and write about personality adjectives (ambitious, jealous, selfish, sensible..)


Main Aims

  • To provide specific information about personality adjectives of other people and themselves

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process and product writing practice of a sentence completion, vocabulary definition


Warmer (5-7 minutes) • Review Vocabulary

Write the vocab from previous lesson on the board. Ask students " What is a sociable person? What is a ambitious person?" Pick sts to form two groups. "You are-- Sociable/ambitious) have them stand in a horseshoe on each wide of the board. Write Ambitions and sociable on the board. Give the students markers. Explain board rush activity. I will read a sentence that describes the personality adjective and students must rush up and circle the adjective. Each correct circled adjective gets a point for their team.

Pronunciation cards (5-10 minutes) • Have students mark stress on vocab.

Write Sociable, and Responsible on the board. Model with the big and small circles the stress on the syllable. Give students pron. cards. Have students listen to 1.10. they must underline where the stress is on the word. Ask students to go up to the board and write their answers.

Listen and Write (6-10 minutes) • Sts listen to teacher talk about her family and her own personal adjectives

Give students the missing information cards. Sts must listen to the teachers story and fill in the words on the cards. Go over this with sts and make sure they wrote down the correct answers.

Listening about personality (10-12 minutes) • Students listen to a excerpt from a interview and write the answers down

Students will fill in the chart with the personality adjectives of four different types of family members. They will listen to a recording of a psychologist on a talk show explaining the reasons why different family members have different personalities. They must use the TL when filling out the chart. They must compare their answers with the student sitting beside them.

Write about you own family (6-10 minutes) • have students use the TL to write about their own families

Personal writing exercise about their own family. They must use the vocabulary. Then they will tell the class about their siblings/spouses/ childrens personal attitudes.

Extra WS (5-10 minutes) • Extra worksheet to practice personal adjectives

I will give students a worksheet with matching sentences and fill in the blanks in order to place the vocabulary into different contextual usage. We will go over the answers together in class.

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