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The office, reading
Intermediate (B1) level


In this lesson students will learn about reading for gist, and reading in detail about the topic of office


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Main Aims

  • To provide reading for gist and detailed about the topic of the office

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking


Lead-in/warmer (5-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will act some of the office activities like: sending e-mails, making a phone call, making a coffee and doing the filing. I will ask the student to guess where I was?. The office I will ask students what activities did I do, then I will ask them what other activities can we do in the office. Listen to some answers and give them FB. Ask the students to work alone and match verbs in EX 1 to as many activities as possible, then let them compare their answers with a partner before FB. Ask the some ICQ's before starting the activity like, will you work alone or with a partner? will you match each verb to one activity or as many activities as possible ? Later ask them for answers.

Pre teaching vocabularies (3-5 minutes) • Help them with difficult words

Enthusiasm (n) it is a feeling of interest and excitement about something. Compliment (n) something good that you say about someone showing that you admire them. Flirt (n) someone who pretends to be romantically interested in someone else. Trainee (n) someone who is learning and practicing the skills of a particular job. Workaholic (n) a person who works a lot of the time and finds it difficult not to work ie addicted to work. Repetitive (adj) doing or saying the same thing several times especially in a way that is boring. Stereotype (n) a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like especially an idea that is wrong. Do some drilling and make sure of the pronunciation.

Pre-Reading (3-5 minutes) • Prepare the students for the text.

I will ask students to work in pairs and try to guess as much descriptions as possible for the following office stereotypes: the trainee, the office flirt, the workaholic and the boss. Then ask students for some of their answers.

Reading for gist. (4-6 minutes) • Search for general information.

Students will read quickly to answer EX1 matching descriptions to the definitions, students will work alone but later they will check their answers with their partners before wc FB. ICQ's will you work alone or in pair?. will you read for detail or quickly?.

Reading for detail. (8-12 minutes) • Find specific information about the text.

Students here will read the text in detail for 8 minutes, then they will answer EX2. After they finish, they will compare and discuss their answers with their partners before wc FB.

Post-Reading (8-12 minutes) • Getting students to practice.

Divide students into several groups of 3 or 4, give each group a paper with one of the following definitions on: the gossip, the office joker and the lazy worker. Ask each group to assign one for writing and to give as much descriptions as they can for that definition without writing the definition on. Then ask students to put their paper on the wall and ask the whole class to go around and guess what is the descriptions about. ICQ's will you all write or only one person? will you write the definition on the paper? will you work in groups or individually?.

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