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Pre-intermediate level


Introduction of vocabulary concerning weddings


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Main Aims

  • To provide an opportunity for students to practice speaking using vocabulary about weddings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable students to recognize wedding terminology and the pictures associated with it.
  • Early emphasis and reminders of genders; bride-woman, groom male


Probe for prior knowledge (1-5 minutes) • To check for familiarity of weddings & terminology

Say/Ask: "Raise your hand if you are married." How many of you have been to a wedding before?" This will most likely be a 50/50 ratio as many of the learners are very young.

Ex.1 Identifying vocabulary with aid of picture (5-10 minutes) • Sts will associate vocabulary and pics together with goal of spot recognition

I will write vocabulary words from lesson 1 will on the board to be previewed first. We will use WC method to pronounce as correctly as possible each word. Sts will sound out each word individually.10-15.

Ex.2 Paragraph completion (5-10 minutes) • Students will fill in the blank with vocabulary words from exercise 2

WC will talk out and fill in as we go, which words correspond to each space. Example So where do most weddings take place, but they can take place in a _______, etc. *Time permitting, we will view a 24 sec clip of a honeymoon video, so that sts can conceptualize the idea that honeymoons are linked with relaxing times or celebration of weddings.

Ex 3. WC Review of Ex 2 (5-10 minutes) • Students will check answers for acuracy

We will check answers as WC and sts will correct answers as needed.

Describe a Wedding (5-10 minutes) • Verbally describe a wedding that was attended using as much of the vocabulary as applicable.

Students will give accounts in as clear sentences as possible, a wedding they attended, or a wedding that they were told about from a friend or family member. This is a WC or student pair, but the aim is for speaking using the target vocabulary. I will monitor some conversations of students speaking together.

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