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Verb/noun collocations and presnt simple Yes/No questions
A1 level


In this lesson ,students will learn verb -noun collocations for routine or daily activities ,followed by making questions with present simple.


Abc Find two peolpe
Abc food and drink Puzzle
Abc flash cards
Abc Make questions

Main Aims

  • To present and practice verb/noun collocations and present simple yes /no questions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled practice of present simple yes/no questions.


warmer/Lead In (5-6 minutes) • To review vocabulary from previous lesson and engage learners to build a positive learning environment.

T elicits the word "food" using gestures.T elicits words from the previous lesson by giving come clues . 1.Green,comes from trees or plants ,used in salad Vegetables. 2.Children eat a lot of it.It starts with "Ch" Chocolate Teacher,shows a word puzzle with 10 words and pictures as clues. T makes the students understand the task by a demo.After that,T gives instructions,checks using ICQs and sets off the activity.T assigns 3 min. T takes the feed back in groups.After that,T asks one of the group member to come and writes the answer on the world puzzle.

Pre-teach vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • To present vocabulary related to Verb /noun collocation.

T elicits few words from the student using MPF technique for teaching vocabulary. The words are: study (v) languages(n) plural /iz/ flat(n) center (n) company (n) T drills the sound.T shows the weak forms through transcription.T follows the techniques of eliciting vocabulary by the MPF.

presenting grammar (7-10 minutes) • To present and practice verb/noun collocations.

T writes Fiona and Nick on the board and elicit from the students by showing different verb and noun that are on the WB.T makes the first two or three sets of verbs and noun and then asks the students to come and match on the board Example : live (n) in England(v) have (n) children(v) play football work in an office study English language. After this activity ,the T gives a worksheet to check students understanding. Teacher gives instructions and sets the activity.Students works in groups.T makes new groups to compare answers.T takes FB in groups.

Presenting Grammar 2 for speaking (10-15 minutes) • To present and practice present simple yes/no questions

T shows the same cards from task 1 (introducing verb/Noun collocation) and makes a sentence. Nick and Fiona have children. Sub+verb+children Do they have children? /Da/ We study English Do we study English? T shows using fingers and drills with the students.T drills to show weak form and explains how it should be said naturally. T will demonstrate on fingers how to add the axillary and make questions. T will explain Axillary +sub+V1+Noun ? For question ,we write Do You like football? T drills with the students with the help of the flash cards T takes FB by asking individual students.

Freer Practice stage (4-5 minutes) • To provide freer practice of present simple yes/no questions

T presents the TL by giving a demo. T writes the question from the worksheet on the board ans asks the learners to help her . _________ _________ live/play/watch Tv a lot? After getting the answer ,T tells the students to work in groups and make correct questions Teachers gives 3 minutes.T takes feed back in groups.

Free Mingling activity (3-5 minutes) • To provide a freer practice of the Present simple Yes/No questions

T will provide Demo and set the activity .students will move around the class and find some one ...shows interest in that activity. Teacher will monitor closely but will give the students freedom to choose a partner and practice the TL. FB will be given while monitoring.

Error correction • To give students language feed back

T monitors closely and gives WC feedback at the end for TL correction.

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