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TP6- Grammar (quite)+writing
Upper Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson Ss will learn "quite" (adverb of degree) through guided discovery (GD). The lesson will be started with lead-in using the text that they had in the last session.Then with a few marker sentences the teacher will elicit MFP (meaning, form, pronunciation). After that the Ss will be provided with some controlled, semi-controlled and freer exercises in order to practice the target language. Finally the lesson will be finished with a freer writing activity which is productive as well.


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Main Aims

  • To provide a context and marker sentences to teach grammar(adverb of degree:QUITE) through GD.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a freer activity (WRITING) as a productive skill in order to help the ss to use what they've learnt.


Stage1 (lead-in) (5 minutes) • To set the context and introduce the target language (quite) to the ss

-In this stage, after a short and clear instruction I will pass out HO1 (reading) and ask the ss read the text individually and find the sentences that include 'quite' IN 2 minutes. After peer checking they will say which word comes after 'quite' in each sentence. This text is about lottery and they have worked on it, so it is easy for the ss to scan it quickly and find the target language. As the text is about lotteries there are good example of 'quite' in this text, and it will be a good lead in for the lesson. When the ss said the sentences, I will put them on the board as marker sentences and I will connect this stage to the next.

Stage2 (Using marker sentences) (9 minutes) • Using the marker sentences and eliciting MFP

As 'quite' has different meanings I will write the marker sentences that students have found from the text. I will write one example for each meaning and form. Then I will elicit the meaning form and pronunciation. I will help them providing CCQs and I will write the correct answers on the board using different colored markers to show the correct form. Comparing the sentences, the words after 'quite' and meaning can be helpful. "What does 'quite' mean in this sentence?" "What is the next word?" "What word goeas in this space?" "How do you spell that?" "Is it a verb?" can be the helpful CCQs. After eliciting the pronunciation if it is needed I will compare quite and quiet and elicit the difference.Finally back-chain drill can be helpful. Due to different meanings and examples it is a good idea to review the form and meaning very briefly. The next stage will be connected to this stage providing relevant exercises.

Stage3 (controlled exercises) (6 minutes) • To provide controlled exercises to focus on accuracy

-In this stage after simple and short instructions I will pass out HO2 (EX1 P.71). I will ask the to do the exercise in 2 minutes.They will fill the blanks with the words given. After peer checking I will ask them to check the answers in groups of four. Then I will write the answers on the board and they can check them. -Then I will show them a page which has a few questions on it(using the projector). I will group the students. I will show each question and each will give the answers for 2 questions.

Stage4 (Controlled Practice/ Form) (3 minutes) • To practice form

- I will give the ss HO3 (EX. 2. P.71) and ask the to do the exercise in pairs. The word 'quite' has been taken out of some sentences. Ss will put the word "quite" in the correct space. I will put the answers on the walls. They will mingle and find the answers.

Stage5 (UNSCRAMBLE) (5 minutes) • To practice form and word order

I will set 3-4 groups. each group has a secretory.I will give each group a few pieces of paper. The board is divided in two parts. They will put the pieces in order and the secretaries will run to the board and write the correct sentence on the board. Pace is important in this exercise.

Stage6 (semi-controlled exercise) (5 minutes) • To provide a semi-controlled exersice

We will have 3-4 groups with a secretary. They have won a lottery. Write 3 sentences using "quite" with different meanings in 2 minutes. The secretaries will go to the other groups read 2 sentence. The other group will correct them. I will monitor to help them with error correction. In this activity they have a freer activity and will have the chance of peer correcting.

Stage7 (Productive skill) (12 minutes) • To provide an exercise to practice WRITING (productive skill)

In this stage they will work on HO4(writing P.71). They will have a writen chat. Student A will start the conversation and give it to student B. B will continue the conversation on the same paper. after they have exchanged 5-6 times they will stop. (in 7 minutes) Then They will exchange the paper with another group and each group correct the other. I will monitor the pairs and help them with error correction.

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