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TP 6 3Sept13
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson students will speaking exercises based on a listening.


Abc Straightforward Pre-intermediate Students and Teachers Book

Main Aims

  • The aim of this lesson is to have the students speak on the context of booking a round the world trip.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub aim is to get the students to listen to a dialog and to do a writing comprehension.


Lead In - Warm up (5-15 minutes) • Introduce the students to the topic of World Travel and Adventure

A Put 3 pictures up on the board & ask the Ss When you see these 3 pictures what do you think of? Is it an adventure, a holiday, a dream or all 3? Write on the WB their ideas B Show a video on ‘Your Journey To Space Starts Here June 2013’ to catch Ss interest.

Listening Comprehension (8-10 minutes) • To comprehend the visual listening & answer questions

C Having watched the video get them to watch it again but give them the transcript and ask them to answers the qustions. Transcript Virgin Galactic: Your journey to Space starts here Be a part of history The exploration of space will go ahead and it is one of the greatest adventures of all time. We choose to go to the moon we have decided to do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard. Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory on Mount Everest was asked why did he want to climb it. He says because it was there. Well space is there and we’re going to climb it. Ok we can see you coming down the ladder now. It’s one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. Virgin Atlantic Space Shuttle Two. Virgin Galactic is on track to become the world’s first commercial space line and if you have ever dreamt of becoming part of the incredible group of pioneering astronauts your opportunity has arrived. During your adventure you will accelerate to a breathtaking three and a half times the speed of sound then in the silent tranquility of space you will experience weightlessness and views of beautiful planet of our planet that will change your perception of life. One of my passions and reasons of wanting to fly in space it is based on what these guys that do it, say and they talk about it for the rest of their lives about ‘ Wow’ that was life changing. The rockable ride is one minute and a half or so it’s exhilarating. It’s like nothing else you have ever done. When that motor does shut down you get this instant karma of weightlessness and everything you feel in your body is the same way. It’s wow. Our first Virgin Galactic astronauts are booking their own place in history as pioneers of a new space age and for them the journey has already started. I have had some incredible adventures in my life time and space is surely going to be the greatest one of all. I am going and I hope you will be joining me too. Questions: 1. Did George Mallory climb the Mount Everest? 2. Did Neil Armstrong climb down a rope to walk on the moon? 3. Is Virgin Galactic on track to become the world’s first commercial space line? 4. What speed will the commercial space line reach? 5. When the motor shuts down will you feel weightlessness? 6. What are pioneers?

Focus on Form and Meaning (5-10 minutes) • Getting more ideas together by speaking to focus on the writing task

1. Tell the Ss that they are to imagine that they have won a competition prize to have ‘The Adventure of a Lifetime’ for two people. There are 3 options: A) Going into space B) Staying in the desert C) Living underwater 2. Chest the Hand Out with the 3 tours on it. Read out the brief descriptions of the 3 adventure prizes. Hand out the worksheet. Now tell the Ss to think about which option they would like to claim as their prize. Give them time to decide. 3. Put the 3 options on the wall in different areas. Tell the Ss to think about them and to go to the picture that they would like to claim as their prize. Ask the students to work in groups of 3 and tell them to discuss the prize. When they have discussed it, ask the students in their groups to prepare a short report back to the class on why they made the decision. Now I want you in your groups to write a short report on why you choose this prize. Eg. We chose this prize because…… for three months we will be spending time with 148 different people from different countries and learn all about how people interact with each other. This will help us with our thesis and give us a better opportunity to launching our career in psychology.

Writing (10-15 minutes) • To get the Ss to write the adventure and tell the class

4. When the Ss have made their decision ask them to imagine that they had just finished their adventure. Ss should discuss their ideas and then use the following 6 headings to write short descriptions of some aspects of their adventure. 1. How the adventure started. 2. Where they went. 3. The view 4. The most frightening thing that happened. 5. Our most amazing discovery. 6. How our adventure finished. Tell the Ss that they must use at least one of the words from the vocabulary box under each heading. For example Verbs: Took off, flew, was delayed, gave up, swam, climbed, carried on, landed, was cancelled, was called off, sorted out, sailed, travelled. Ways of travelling: By balloon, on foot, on horse, by ship, by taxi, by helicopter, in a spaceship, in a submarine. Prepositions: Across, into, through, around, over, out of, along. 5. At the end of the class the Ss will report on their adventures to the whole class.

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