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Oliver TP1 Having an interview
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson the ss will learn vocabulary related to having an interview for a job/place in college. During the lesson ss also learn and discuss the do's and don'ts of an interview. Emphasis will be given to giving ss ample opportunities to practice the new taught vocab in a small group environment. There will be a text for the ss to read and a few related questions to answer in the SB. The aim for this second part is to check comprehension.


Abc Photocopy hand-out from SB

Main Aims

  • Vocab: To provide clarification and practice of interview vocab related to having a job/college placement interview

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading: asking Ss to read and check their comprehension though a task in the SB


Warm-up (4-6 minutes) • Getting students' attention to the topic and to understand their level of understanding of the topic at hand

I'm going to ask students to look at the pictures on the hand-out and ask them to identify the type of interview they think is taking place in the picture. I will require them to give the reasons for their choice. I will explain the meaning of 'the real you' and next I'm going to ask them to discuss the questions in ex. 1b in groups of 3. (Grouping Ss shouldn't take too much time so I'm going to ask them to simply sit in groups of 3 according to their choice.)

Introduction of target vocab (10-12 minutes) • Teach Ss vocab related to interviews

I'm going to ask Ss to look at the hand-out and teach them the target vocab one by one. The target vocab: show enthusiasm, answer briefly, shake hands firmly, send references, dress smartly, speak clearly, avoid eye contact. For the most part I am going to use synonyms and some body language to clarify the meanings of the new words. I am also going to give example sentences within the right context. To have the students grasp the right pronunciation choral drill might come in handy.

Closed Group discussion (6-8 minutes) • Have Ss discuss the dos and donts of having an interview.

Ss get back in groups of 3 (previous groups) and do exercise 2A from the CB. I am going to walk around the class and monitor students. I will provide help with vocab where needed.

Reading and comprehension (20-25 minutes) • To have Ss answer questions by reading the text given in the CB

I'm going to give Ss 5 minutes to read the text individually and once the time is up I'm going to put them in their old groups to check their predictions in ex 2a. In their goups Ss will continue from the CB and do ex.3 To wrap the class up I am going to have the students use the target vocab and discuss the question from ex.3 openly in class.

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