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A1 level


In this lesson, the students will read a card about a boy's holiday and fill in the gaps using Simple Past Tense. Then they will write a card about their holiday using the same grammar point.


Abc Gap-fill Activity

Main Aims

  • To provide practice in writing using Simple Past Tense and to get the students write a card about their holiday using Simple Past Tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in reading and filling in the gaps with the specific grammar point (Simple Past Tense)


Lead-In (7-8 minutes) • To warm the students and get them ready for the gap filling exercise

*T greets the S *T puts photos on the board from her last holiday. *T asks; Was I home? Was I working? Was I with my family? etc. *T elicits some answers. *T asks students to write a sentence each on the board about my holiday. *T writes 2 examples on the board. I wasn't in Ankara I was in Luna Park *T finishes

Controlled Practice (9-10 minutes) • To provide students practice in Simple Past Tense with a reading text

*T gets S to choose coloured papers and pairs the S *T gives the exercise 8a to S and tells them that they are going to read and fill in the gaps with their partner. *T writes on the board Was Wasn't Were Weren't *T points that they have to fill the gaps with those. *T does the first two or three gaps with the S *After S finish T asks two groups to get together and check their answers. *T asks one S to come up to the board and write the answers. *T reads the text and elicits the answers from different students as she reads along. *T clarifies if any mistakes *T finishes the activity

Exposure (5-6 minutes) • To guide students to be able write a card about their holiday

*T will talk about her holiday and how much fun she had. Then T will say that having all this fun she had to tell her friend. But because she doesn't have internet she wrote a card. *T projects the card on the board. *T asks S to read the card. *T asks S questions about the card Was I in Izmir? Was I happy? Was the weather cold? *T hands out copies of the card to S.

Semi-Controlled Practice (10-11 minutes) • Students write a card

*T says now she wants the S to think about their holiday. If they went to Bodrum, stayed in ─░stanbul but went to Luna Park etc. *T asks S to write a card about their holiday. *T firstly projects a picture of a cake on the board. It is to guide students what to write. *T elicits couple of sentences. *T pairs students by using animal names. Pairs will write to each other. Fish, dog, cat, bird and horse *T hands S cards to write

Feedback (5-5 minutes) • To get the students reading about their partners card and answering questions about it.

*T asks students to read their partners card. *T asks some questions about the person's holiday. *T finishes the activity

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