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Copy of Months and Ordinal Numbers
Elementary level


In this lesson students will use functional language and review vocabulary of ordinal numbers, months of the year, and days of the week. Other than ordinal numbers most TL used is for practice. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be used.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for ordinal numbers, months, days of the week in the context of time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of dates, months, days of the week in the context of time


Warmer (1-1 minutes) • Get the students to think about the topic

I will ask the sts "What is today?" I expect them to guess, the day of the week, the date, and the month.

Recite the days of the week (1-1 minutes) • Review the days of the week with the students

I will recite the days of the week and ask students to repeat, then write the days of the week on the board.

Months Review (1-2 minutes) • Review the months of the year

Teacher will recite the months out loud and ask students to repeat. Then teacher will write the months on the board.

Board Rush (5-5 minutes) • Get students to write down the vocabulary

Have students stand in two lines in front of the white board. Put up the months chart 1-12 (projector). Tell students to write the month corresponding with the number (in order) on the board as they move to the back of the line every student has a chance to write on the board. The team who finished first will correct spelling wins!

Ordinal Number Introduction (10-15 minutes) • Introduce ordinal numbers

Elevator power point presentation with listening/spelling of ordinal numbers up to 30. Students must repeat after the recording for each slide. After slide 30 students will be randomly called on to match the number of the elevator floor with the vocabulary. (Three- 3rd, Nine- 9th)

Birthday Drill (2-3 minutes) • Ask students when their birthday is.

Write an example sentence on the board (When is your birthday? My birthday is on the 12th of March). Ask random students when their birthdays are.

Gap Fill Pairwork (7-10 minutes) • Speaking activity for students to practice TL

Choose one student to model the activity with the teacher in front of the class. Separate students in new pairs by numbering 1-6? (student pair numbers can change with class size. Have students sit back to back, give students cards A and B. Write a model sentence on the board (Q: When is John's Birthday? A: John's birthday is on March 3rd).

Worksheet (13-15 minutes) • Have students use the TL -writing and listening

Page 26 face2face student workbook. Matching cards, listening exercises, ordering months, matching dates with words, listen and match the dates.

Extra Worksheet (7-10 minutes) • Complete review worksheet

Extra worksheet if time allotted. Give students worksheet including ordinal number matching, months, days of the week jumbled spelling. They can work with the person sitting next to them for help (peer teaching time).

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