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Present Continuous
Pre-Intermediate level


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with clarification, review and practice of present continuous in the context of describing a picture.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss practice in speaking for fluency.
  • To provide Ss with practice in listening for gist and detail
  • To provide Ss practice of vocabulary to describe clothes


Lead-In (0-4 minutes) • To get students Ss interested

- write my name on the board and ask Ss: "What am I wearing?" - also get a couple of students to get up and ask: "What is she/he wearing?"

Exposure (2-4 minutes) • To provide a context for the target language.

- put "Mr & Mrs Clark and Percy" by David Hockney on the board via projector - tell them the title of the painting and ask them to guess who they are. Ss will shout out their answers. -put the three questions from 3a and tell them to work in pairs to discuss in 2 minutes

Listening for Detail (10-12 minutes) • To give Ss practice in listening for detail

- tell them that they will listen to a recording about Mr&Mrs Clark and Percy - show them the statements in section 4 from page 8b of the course book - tell them that they need to look at the questions and decide whether they are T or F - after they have listened to the recording once, I will nominate students to come up and put T or F beside each statement - play the recording once more and do whole class feedback

Highlighting (5-7 minutes) • To encourage Ss to notice the TL (Grammar ex 3b), and in this case find out what they know

- Write " Celia is wearing a black dress." and "Celia wears black dresses" on the board. - Ask the Ss if they are the same thing - CCQs: point to the first sentence and say "Is this now or every day?", point to the second sentence and say "Is this now or every day/usually?" - Write "Ozzy is putting his feet into the carpet." - Write "Percy is sitting in Ozzy's lap -Repeat the same CCQs for the other questions

Clarification (10-12 minutes) • To focus Ss on meaning, form and pronunciation of the TL

- use a timeline to show the difference between present simple and present continuous - write the +/-/? forms of both tenses - Guided Discorvery HO for the form and 1C a and b from page 126-127 - students will work in pairs and we will take it up as a class - pronunciation drill for the contraction of "to be" verbs

Semi-controlled&freer practice (5-10 minutes) • To further consolidate the TL and allow for some production

- create context by asking Ss some vocabulary about art galleries - tell them they will be getting two different cards with different drawings about an art gallery - tell Ss that there are 10 differences between the two cards - tell the Ss that they need to find the differences - give whole class feed back

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