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Elementary level


Ss will learn about family vocabulary,possessive,and have/has got through a controlled practice.


Abc gap-fill handouts , exercise worksheets

Main Aims

  • To give Ss controlled practice of family vocabulary,possessive&have/has got

Subsidiary Aims

  • integratedskills-reading ,listening&speaking


lead-in (7-10 minutes) • engage the Ss

show Ss a picture of a family & a family tree on the board. check that Ss know the meaning of the word family tree by asking them some questions (CCQ)s.

controlled practice (20 minutes) • master using the family vocabulary & have/has got in forming questions and sentences

• Give each student a copy of the family tree and check they understand how the people are related. • Divide the class into two groups, A and B. give a copy of worksheet A to all the students in group A and give a copy of Worksheet B to all the students in group B. • Put students in pairs with someone who has the same worksheet. Students look at the information and write the names of the family in the correct place on their family tress (se key). When they have finished, allow students to check their answers with another pair that have the same worksheet. • Rearrange the class so that one student who has Worksheet a is working with a student who has Worksheet B. if you have extra students, have some groups of three. • Students ask each other questions with Who is …? In order to complete the family tree. For example: Who is Molly's sister? Who is Tom's grandfather? Who is Mark and Laura's son?, etc. students are not allowed to look at each other's family trees. When they have a new name, they should write it under the pictures in the space provided. • Students should check each new name by referring to other people on the family tree. For example: have Jack and Emma got three children? Mark's got two sisters, Molly and Liz. Is that right? Etc. • Let themCheck the answers with the whole group by giving them the answer key.

follow-up activity (10-13 minutes) • check the Ss understanding of the new family vocabulay

Ask (CCQ)s such as can your nephew be a female? Can your cousin be a male? etc. Explain two new terms which step- ...& -in- laws . by using some pictures on the board. hand in the HO to the Ss after giving instructions & checking their understanding of the instructions by asking some(ICQ)s Divide the class into two teams , then monitor them while doing the practice . ask the students to check their answers with the other group. then ask them to seach for the answer key of the exercise which was hidden by the teacher in somewhere in the classroom.

follow-up activity (10 minutes) • to practice writing in the target language

ask each s to write three things about their family members using possessive 's & have /has got.then give them the HO and ask the at the end to swap papers with their partners and read what they have written out loud.

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