Mohammad Maher Alboushi Mohammad Maher Alboushi

Maher alboushi . 19 oct 2016 . cold comfort
upper intermediate level


In this lesson , students learn about how to skim reading,reading more intensively for detailed comprehension. Moreover, to consolidate vocabulary of illness and symptoms .


Abc hand out

Main Aims

  • To provide to give practice in skim reading for gist , reading more intensively for detailed comprehension and in deducing meaning from context .

Subsidiary Aims

  • sub-aim : To consolidate vocabulary of illness and symptoms. To practice spoken fluency.


Exposure and Highlighting (40-45 minutes) • students will read the article and find out what is the article about by skimming and to consolidate vocabulary of illness and symptoms .

First, I will start the class with saying good morning and writing on the board (a heavy cold) then I will make some gesture in case if they don't understand. It will take 3 min then I will discuss the symptoms with them for 4 min then I will show the students the title of the article and get them to predict what they will read ,I will take 2 min . I will show them ex 1 and see if they predict the purpose of the article , it will take 3 min. after this Ss will skim the article to see if their predictions were correct and decide which was the correct answer in exercise one and I will tell them before they read not to worry about any vocabulary. It will take 3 minutes then students will check their answers in pairs and it will take tow minutes and with whole class we will discuss the reasons for the correct answers and it will take 5 minutes and then I will get students exercise 2 and get them to read the sentences. It will take 2 minutes and during that I will check if they have no problems with vocabulary and ask them about the exercise which advice was not given. It will take 2 minutes. Then I will let students read again more slowly it will take 5 minutes. Then we will check the answers on pairs for 2 minutes. and then for 4 minutes students in pairs find the dialogues to match with the definitions and exercise 3 will take 3 minute.and then I will give them the answer key and then I will check if they have any problems. I will do the exercise four in 5 minutes and make them discuss it in pairs.

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