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Teaching Practice 4
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson , some vocabulary will be studied in the context of 'recruitment' .The vocabularies will be elicited in meaning , form and pronounciation. The controlled and free speaking activities will be done for speaking for fluency too.


Abc Hand out

Main Aims

  • The main of this lesson is eliciting the vocabulary in the context, and to provide, meaning, form and pronounciation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise speaking for fluency in relation wth the context.


Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • to engage students

T shows a picture , it is written 'you are accepted' on the picture. T tells the students work in pairs and generate ideas about this picture. They will share their anticipations with the whole class.

pre-teaching (8-10 minutes) • to provide context of the lesson and speaking for fluency.

First teacher writes two questions on the board. 'What's the best way to find a job ? Is it easy or difficult to find work in your town ? tells the students work in pairs for a few minutes and then the students discuss the ideas quickly. Later on teacher tells the students work in pairs again. She wants them to make role playing. One will be employer and the other will be the one who is seeking for a job ask and answer questions to each other.At the end some of them will come to the board and act out.

while teaching (12-15 minutes) • to elicit the vocabulary ,to provide meaning,form and pronounciation

The teacher asks the students ' how do you apply for a job? 'Which document do you need to write and send when you apply for a job? Tell them work in pairs. They will do WCFB and T writes CV ( curriculum vitae ) on the board and asks again what do we have to write on CV ? Write the list that the students tell. Later open a CV example and shows the students that are related to the vocabuary they will practice. Then open a new sheet with the words on it .T clarifies the meaning with the whole class, write the phonemes next to the words drilling them at last T gives the hand out , instructs the do the first activity and peer- checking also. they will make WCFB at the and of the task. .T moves on the second activity and asks them to work in pairs and answer the questions using the phrases they have learnt( and also they are in the advertisement)

Pronounciiation (5-8 minutes) • Focus on the pronouncing the email and web site adresses

Teacher writes an emaiil adress and web sites asks the students how to read it. Then she will explain the symbols .Later she gives them the hand out and plays the recording. At the end she tells them to repeat as a whole class. .t tell the students work in pairs they will write 3 or 4 website adresses or emails and dictate it to their friends

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