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What have you got?
A2 level


In this grammar lesson the students will be presented with have / has got + a / an + some. They will have the oppurtunity to work out the rule for use of a / an + some. The lesson starts with a short warmer - the students find their partners by matching two halves of a sentence. This is followed by an activity where the students have to guess what I have in my bag. Have / has got will be presented by means of realia and a grammar table on the board, At this stage the students work out when to use a / an or some. In the next activity the students will have controlled practice of the new grammar. Each student will receive a gapped sentence and decide whether the gap is filled by a / an or some. A short writing task will give them some freer practice. The lesson ends with a chain game similar to "granny goes to market".


Abc Cut up sentences
Abc Cards for chain game "I've got ..."
Abc Vocabulary cards to find a new partner
Abc a / an + some on cards
Abc Have / has got grammar sheet
Abc Gapped sentences
Abc Realia

Main Aims

  • To present the grammar for have / has got and a / an + some.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the students with the oppurtunity to do a short writing task using the grammar.
  • To provide the students with the oppurtunity to practise speaking the grammar in a short chain game (if there is time).


Starter (5 minutes) • To form pairs

The students will each receive half a sentence and mingle searching for their partner with the other half.of the sentence.S -

Stage 1 Grammar presentation (10 minutes) • To familiarise the students with the positve forms of have / has got and a / an + some

The teacher writes a list of the personal pronouns (I you he she we they) on the board. She then prduces a bag containing realia relating to the vocabulary lesson before this one. The students guess some of the items in the bag and the items are pulled out and put on the students' tables. The table on the board is then completed with the students providing the answers where possible. Check whether SS know that I've = I have, You've = You have etc. The grammar sheets are handed out and the students try to work out the rule for a / an + some.

Stage 2 Practice (5 minutes) • To practice using a / an + some

Three signs a, an + some are hung up on the classroom walls (front wall and two side walls). Each student gets a gapped sentence and they need to go to the sign with the missing word for their sentence. Students read their sentence out aloud.

Stage 3 Practice - writing sentences. (15 minutes) • To give the students slightly freer practice.

Give each student a card. Eiter a picture or a word. They mingle to find their partner with the matching card. In pairs the students write 3 gapped sentences each. eg. I've got .... pencil. I've got ...... apple. The partner needs to decide whether the missing word is a / an or some. Students can write the sentences on the back of the grammar sheet. They should put their names on the sheet which will be collected by the teacher.

Stage 4 Practice - chain game: I've got .a / an ..... in my bag. (5 minutes) • To provide slightly freer (speaking) practice using I've got ... and a / an + some

(If there is time) We will play a chain game where the students each choose a card and each one tells the class what they've got. T demonstrates briefly with larger cards. T: I've got an apple in my bag. S1: I've got football and an apple in my bag. S2: I've got a football, an apple and a ...etc

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