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unit 7/ Communication
9th Grade level


In this lesson, students will get the chance to learn how to make suggestions and respond to them in the context of entertainment


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Main Aims

  • to be able to make suggestions and respond to them

Subsidiary Aims

  • learn some new vocabulary related to entertainment


Pre-reading (8-13 minutes) • Make and have ideas about the dialogues

- The teacher shows the students pictures of the following places ( Cinema, stadium, zoo, amusement park) - After eliciting the words or giving them away if necessary, the teacher asks the students why do people go to these places in order to elicit one of the following words ( fun, entertainment ) - The teacher asks the students whether they know some other places people go to, so as to have fun

While-reading (17-20 minutes) • develop reading sub-skills (skimming/scanning)

- Silent reading of the dialogues -The teacher won't pre-teach the blocking vocab on purpose in order for the students to use some classroom language they have been thought and ask for it by themselves. - Afterward, the teacher reads the text to model pronunciation and gives the students a chance to read - Students answer the questions in exercise number 1 page 59. - whole-class correction

Post-reading (12-14 minutes)

- The teacher writes the following dialogue for the students to copy down. Jim: hello James : good afternoon, Jim Jim : would you like to go to the stadium James : tonight ? Jim : yes James : yes, sure - students come to the board and perform the dialogue in pairs

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