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Finally Teaching Practice 8
Elementary level


In this lesson, Students will start with some vocabulary and grammar They will have a chance of practicing vocabulary with last speaking activity. Also,Students will have a chance of learning how to give suggestions with Lesson 3 and in the second lesson, students will have a chance to use functional language.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of countable and uncountable in the context of food&diet

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of diet in the context of food


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to introduce the topic and vocabulary

-Teacher greets the students and creates the good rapport. - She tells them that She need to lose some weight. - She shows them some pictures and she will ask them "what is this?" - She will show them some pictures. - She says in some pictures, she can not eat. - In some pictures she can eat. -- After eliciting the words, She will go ahead to the next stage.

matching activity (3-6 minutes) • To practice the vocabulary they were introduced to

After lead in stage, -She opens up the hand out and the food box by using OHP. -Teacher will tell "Please, Now Write the name of food that you will see on the board under the pictures. " -"When you finish it, Please come up on the board and write the names under the pictures." - After, ss finishes the task and come up on the board to write, She will check if everything is ok and move on to the next stage.

completing the chart (3-7 minutes) • to provide challenging task with vocabulary

-After students understood the vocabulary and the context Teacher shows the students Nutrition Reference Guide. -Teacher says " Please complete the Nutrition Reference Guide according to food categories. by using the food box that we already matched. Use the handout I gave you." (She points out the handout) When you finished it please check with your partner. - After giving them instructions , she checks with ICQs. ICQs. 1. Are you going to do with your partner? 2.where are you going write the foods? 3. Which hand out will you use for this activity? When They finished it and checked with their peers, Teacher goes on to the next stage.

Grammar (5-10 minutes) • to introduce the grammar

First, Teacher divides the board by two and writes "C" and "u" -She says " Please, go back to the hand out which I gave you for matching." -She shows them which hand out it was and "Please with your partner choose the countable and uncountable nouns." -Later, she checks with whole class and asks "what else can we add to the list?" - After that, she shows the grammar notes and writes some examples on the board. I have got some bananas for you. I haven't got any bananas for you. Did you get some bananas for me? - She asks " what is the difference between these two examples?" -When she elicits answers, She will give them a handout that has a grammar notes on it. - She checks the concepts with CCQs. CCQs. I haven't got some bananas. I have got some tomatoes for dinner. Did you get some bread for me ? " Are those sentences correct?" "if not, Can you correct them?" She gets all the answers from students "well-Done" says the teacher and moves on to the next stage?

Grammar 2 -controlled practice (2-5 minutes) • to practice the grammar

After introducing the grammar -Teacher says" It's time to practice more" and shows the exercise on the board." -She says "Please underline the correct form of "some" or "any". - She gives out the handouts. -she monitors them very well and When They are finished she invites them on the board to do it. -After that she check all the answers if they are ok or not. If not, she corrects it and asks the students why it is wrong. - She elicits the answers and after she goes on to the next stage.

Free Practice -Writing (5-12 minutes) • to practice the grammar

- She divides the class by 4 by using fruit names. -After students settles down, She draws a fat guys picture on the board and she says " he thinks he is over-weight. He wants to lose weight, please in your groups write him a diet. When you are done come up on the board and stick it on the board." -She gives out the example for it and gives out piece of paper. - After this, She gives some time to write. -When they are done, She checks the writings and find if there is any mistakes and correct them with whole class.

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