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TP 2


In this lesson, the ss will practice the new structure through a story, act it out and listen to specific information in the context of classroom objects.


Abc Answer Keys
Abc Blu tack
Abc Board marker
Abc Colored pencils
Abc Footprints 1 Activity Book
Abc Footprints 1 Pupil's Book
Abc White Board
Abc LRRH prop
Abc The Wolf prop
Abc Footprints 1 character props
Abc Footprints 1 flashcards
Abc Story Character Flashcards
Abc gluestick
Abc Mask Templates
Abc Tongue depressors
Abc colored pencils
Abc pair of scissors
Abc pair of scissors
Abc Ipod
Abc Cut-up Scene cards
Abc name/role cards

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, ss will have understood and practiced the story, the new structure and the words related to classroom objects.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide revision of previously covered vocabulary
  • To practice listening for specific information in the given context.
  • To provide reading practice
  • To provide controlled speaking activity


Warmer (1-2 minutes) • To engage the ss in the lesson

T greets the ss and asks them how they are feeling today using exaggrated facial expressions. -How are you feeling today? - I 'm very happy ( drawing happy face in the air) - Are you happy? / Are you angry? T elicits their answers but at the same time T asks the ss to draw it in the air too.

Lead in (2-8 minutes) • To set the context to raise interest using picture/puzzle cards, let the ss make predictions about the topic and revise the previously learnt vocabulary

T tells the ss - We're going to play a game. Then T groups the ss as "squares" and "triangles". T asks the squares to put their hands up and look at each other and does the same thing for the triangles. T puts the picture puzzle poster (The picture puzzle is made up of 12 A4 pieces of papers with numbers and classroom objects' pictures on one side and Little Red Riding Hood/ THe wolf pictures on the other side) on the board and models the activity. T chooses a number and tells what it is on that number ( pencil) and flips the card to reveal a part of the big picture. T tells the ss that they also have to guess what's on the the big picture. Then T asks the first group to give a number and lets them decide as a group to tell what it is on the card and after the flipping the card, asks " Can you guess the picture?" 1- school bag 2- file 3- pen 4- rubber 5- ruler 6- pencil sharpener 7- pencil case 8- crayon 9- notebook 10- desk 11- board 12- chair (1-6 - LRRH, 7-12 - The Wolf) T praises the ss frequently. T continues with the game till all the photos are revealed. Then T asks ss if they know these characters and elicits answers from the ss. If nothing comes, T tells and writes the names on the board. -Today we're going to listen to a story, it will have LRRH and the wolf in it but it's little bit different from the real story. In this story there are also ....( sticking the characters' pictures and waiting the ss to tell the names) Alex, Katie, Pip and Squeak.

Presentation (2-7 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a story and practice of listening for specific information

T demos the activity T shows the A3 sized cut up scene cards stack and then T takes the paperclip and puts the cards randomly on the board. Then T chooses one volunteer as a pair and says -Listen and put them in order with your pair. T plays the recording and does the first one as an example. ICQs -Are you going to do it alone? No (pairs) - Are you going to write anything? No T pairs up the ss and hands in the cut-up scene cards. T asks ss to take the paperclips off and asks "Are you ready?" Then T plays the story and monitors the ss. While they're listening T sticks the Answer Keys around the walls. After listening to it once, T asks ss if they want to listen to it again. Then T tells the ss to check their answers looking at he AKs on the walls.

Clarification (3-12 minutes) • To clarify the the form and the pronunciation of the target language and familiarize the ss with the TL form

T puts the cut-up scene cards on the board one by one. For each scene, T points to the character and first tries to elicit the line from the ss. If they can't, T writes it and drills it with the whole class. T asks ss to stand up and use their gestures also and sometimes gives them feelings to act out accordingly. Scene 1 ( surprised) Alex- Look! It's Little Red Riding Hood! LRRH: I'm ready for school. Goodbye Mum and Dad. Scene 2 Squeak: Oh, no! A wolf! ( scared) Wolf: What's this? Oh, It's a pencil case. Scene 3 Wolf: What's this? Oh! It's a notebook. ( surprised) Scene 4 LRRH: Hello, wolf. Can I have my pencil case, please? ( happily) Wolf: No, I'm hungry! Grrr ( rubbing his stomach) ( scary) Scene 5 LRRH: Help! ( Shouting) Alex and Katie: Stop wolf! ( shouting) Sccene 6 LRRH- Oh, thank you! Here you are. Katie and Alex: Wow! The next treasure clue. ( surprised and happily) T praises the ss and tells them to shake their bodies for energy. Then T tells the ss -Now, I will erase some words and you need to remember them. T demos the activity T erases "school" in scene 1 and drills the story. So T erases "Can I have my pencil case, please? in scene 4 and "Here you are" in scene 6. T also focuses on Can I have my .......... please with different objects.

Controlled practice 1 (2-6 minutes) • To get ss to consolidate and use what they’ve learnt in the provided context with a controlled activity

T puts the ss in gorups of 6 ( as there are 6 characters in the story) and tells them that they're going to act it out in their own groups. T gives the name/role cards to the ss and T hands in some props for the characters ( cape, wolf mask, character masks) to motivate them to get into the mood. T points out to the story on the board and asks ss to look at the board while their acting. T tells the ss that she'll be listening to every group and T monitors the ss very closely. ICQ: -Will you sleep in your groups? ( NO) -Will you act in your groups? YES T puts some background music.

Less controlled practice (2-5 minutes) • To engage the ss more in depth with the story characters and personalize the learning process

T gives out whichever masks the ss want ( LRRH/ Wolf/ Pip/ Squeak/ Alex/ Katie). They color and cut around the masks. The tongue depressors will already be stuck on them. T monitors the ss. T puts some background music.

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