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Times past
Beginners level


In this lesson, students will learn about the past from of the verb to be through a guided discovery, the Sts first will review the numbers with teacher so they will not get in the way right after the context will be set through listening abd after that Sts will be exposed to the target language, then there will be some exercises to assure understanding and a controlled and semi-controlled practice at last


Abc hand outs

Main Aims

  • to provide clarification about the past form of the verb to be through a guided discovery and some controlled and semi-controlled activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening for gist and specific information


warm up (3-4 minutes) • to activate sts English mind and get them ready for the context

The T will review with student the numbers from 1 to 1000 to refresh student's memory and make sure it will not get in the way and also provide clarification that in English we can divide dates into two parts

Setting the conext (3-5 minutes) • to get the student involved in the lesson and listen for gist.

T will tell the student that he will give them an exercise where they will have to fill in some year gaps while listening to an audio, after that the T will give students the handouts and play the audio after the audio is done he will play it again so the students who are not sure about something or missed will have the opportunity to do it again, then right after the T will ask student to check in pairs then the T will get W/B feedback

highlighting the target language (5-7 minutes) • to highlight the target language by giving the Sts a guided task

The T will give student a word order game to familiarize them with target language and also so they can figure out the form by themselves T will give the instruction then give the folded hand out which contain two parts, a part with the exercise and a part that includes the answer key, and after they are finished T will ask them to check in pairs and then the T will ask the student to unfold the paper and check their answers.after they have finished checking their answers T will ask the student to work in pairs and try to complete the chart of the verb to be together, the teacher will give them 1 min then he will ask for W/B feedback.

carifying the target language (5-9 minutes) • to provide clarification to any problems sts may have with the ( form, meaning and pronunciation).

T will write a model sentence which he will elicit from the students and then on basis of that model he will try first, to clarify the meaning of the target language through the use of CCQs right after the teacher will do some drilling so Sts will get the opportunity to practice their pronunciation practice the pronunciation and lastly the teacher will highlight the different forms of the verb to be negative, positive and the question form.

practice the target language through some exercises (10-15 minutes) • to give controlled practice of the target language.

S will be asked by the teacher to fill in a family tree exercise that he will be chesting and tell them they will listen to audio where they will have to listen and try to fill in the family tree they have in the exercise then T will give the handouts and after everybody has one and ready the Teacher will play the audio and let the students listen after the audio is finished the Teacher will play it again to give the student a chance to fill in the gaps that they did not, after that the T will ask students to check in pairs with new partner, after they have finished checking teacher will give an answer key to the students right after the teacher will give another hand out based on the family tree task and ask Sts to work on it with their new partners and give them 3 min to do it, after the time is up the teacher will do W/B feedback., another exercise this time will be given to the Sts but this time it's about the negative and positive forms, first they will do it individually and after they will check in pairs,T will be monitoring at that time,and after they are finished teacher will get oral feedback

language practice (4-6 minutes) • to give_semi-controlledlanguage of the target language.

T will ask student to write 5 sentences about their own family, student will be given 3 min to do so after they have finished they will compare their answers and ask each student to share with the class one of his answers

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