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teaching practice 5.Twins
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In this lesson students will have practice on scanning a reading and some controlled speaking about activities they like and they dislike


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Main Aims

  • To practice reading for specific information and controlled speaking in the context of free time activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to further practise the language of likes/dislikes. to practise Yes/No question forms.


Warmer (5-7 minutes) • To introduce them the twins topic.

I'm going to use some pictures of twins to elicit the word TWIN and also teach them vocabularies like different and the same so they can be ready for the reading.(CCQs)

Main Aim (9-10 minutes) • To Practice their scanning ability in readings

First I,m going to show them the picture of reading ,so that they will say they are twins. Then after instructions and ICQs I'm going to give sentences I prepared for a true false activity and I'm going to ask them (in pairs) If they think sentences true or false .In 2 minutes I'm going give instruction about the activity (ICQs) and then I'm going to to give them the reading so that they can see if their assumptions were right or no then we check the answers together.

Post reading (4-5 minutes) • To check if they could undrestand reading properly and draw their atention to activities

I will have chart on the board about Jack and Jenny, people in the reading and I want them to tell about these people activities so I can write it on the board.

Using right objective pronouns (5-6 minutes) • to draw their attention to using Y/N question about activities

I will give the hand out after giving Instruction and demo so they can start filling the gaps with the suitable pronoun meanwhile I prepare the same activity on the board so the early finishers can go to board and stick cards of pronouns on the board.

Drilling and Pronunciation (4-5 minutes) • To teaching them write intonation in Y/N questions

After giving Instruction and ICQsI will play the track and drill them the question and show them with my hands the rising intonation, then I will have the Intonation format on the board for them so they know the form too.

Controlled speaking practice -Sub aim (5-7 minutes) • to have speaking activity with the given materials

I'm going to show the format of question on the board and want them to write 5 Questions about Jack and Jenny so later on they can ask and answer those questions. ICQs are important as I should give instruction for 2 activities.

semi-controlled practice. (8-12 minutes) • To get a feedback over the whole recent lessons and practice on using them.

this part is the hardest part for instruction giving so I should give demo in details but at the same time I may not have enough time so I might skip it too. I'm going to divide pairs to A and B and tell them they should gues about they partner if they like those stuff in chat or not if yes tick and if not cross it then they should ask their partners and put the answer on third column! GOOD LUCK WITH THIS ONE ;)

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