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Teaching Practice 2
Pre- Intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn about comfort food through reading a text. The lesson starts with a vocabulary and speaking activity in which the students arrange a group of words under correct groups: food verbs, descriptors, and kinds of meals. They will be reading for gist and discussing their comfort food in pairs. Following, students will read two parallel passages about comfort food and exchange information by speaking about the passages. In their groups, students will do a speaking mingle activity about meals and comfort food.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Comfort food in the context of Eating and Drinking

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of kinds of meals , food verbs , food descriptors in the context of Food


Warm up (5 minutes) • Set the context

T shows SS a PPT picture of food and asks them what do you think we will be talking about today ?

Lead in (5 minutes) • Review food vocabulary categories ( verbs , descriptors , kinds of meals )

Students will be given a small envelope with 13 small food lexis and 1 paper with food categories . SS will arrange each word under the suitable category . Instructions for this activity will mainly be demonstration . Students will check their answers by previously prepared answer keys in pairs as well as with their group members .

Pre- text : Presenting Target Language (5-7 minutes) • Introduce Comfort food - Reading

T will tell students "When I'm sad , I like to eat soup . It makes me feel happy - relaxed or comfortable . Reading for Gist : T instructs SS that she will give them a reading passage and they have to look quickly at how many comfort foods are their in the passage . Following , T will ask SS to read the passage again and for each comfort food to label C for Country , N for Name , and I for Ingredients . SS will check their answers from PPT answer key. In pairs SS will speak about their comfort food . T will ask SS is comfort food the same for every one ?

Text :Reading Jigsaw (10-25 minutes) • focusing on fast reading to locate specific information : note taking

Early in the lesson SS will be seated into 4 groups of 6 . SS will be divided into 2 groups , namely A & B . Both groups will read a passage and take notes about . INSTRUCTIONS : Notes are short words and not full sentences . Find 3 to 5 items in the text that you like . ICQ : How many items will you find ? Will you write short words or long sentences ? T will monitor to ensure SS are on task . For same group cross - check T will randomly assign numbers to 3 different students to exchange seats with each other . T monitors to detect possible text difficulties and detect what have SS gasped from the passage .T names groups Fruits 1 , 2 vegetables 1 and 2 . Vegetables 1 Take your notes & NOT YOUR READING PASSAGE and exchange seats with Fruits 1 .Now , Fruits 1 tell Vegetables one tell fruits 1 about reading and Vegetables 1 tell fruits one about your reading .

Post Text (5-7 minutes) • Feedback

T asks SS randomly elicits from each group pieces of information that they have picked up form the passage to ensure comprehension .

Wrap Up Mingle Activity (10 minutes) • Reviewing and Practicing food vocabulary through Speaking

T will hold one envelope and tell SS that they will pick ONLY ONE PAPER from the envelope. In pairs , SS will each other the questions they have . Following they will ask different people in the group . ICQ : how many people will you ask ? One ? Everyone in the group ? How many paper will you pick one or more ?

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